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Procurement and Financial Update (Sac.27.04.2018/6)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the report previously circulated.  Members considered section 3 of the report which highlighted commitments to date. 


Section 4 of the report provided a summary of the financial situation of the Area Council. It was noted that this did not currently include income from Fixed Penalty Notices.  Information received by the Area Council Manager had suggested that this was significantly reduced.


The attention of Members was drawn to a number of projects which had been put forward by various Councillors within the South Area for funding through the Area Council budget. Also noted were the items for discussion later on the agenda that could lead to a call on finance from the budget.  With many of the commissions coming to an end in around 12 months, it was suggested that a workshop be called for Members to discuss the priorities for the area and potential areas for investment in the future.


The background to the Traffic Regulation Order in Hoyland Town Centre was acknowledged and the reasons for its amendment considered.  Members noted the anticipated costs of up to £5,000.  Those present supported the proposal, with the exception of Cllr Shepherd, who wished to record his abstention.


Members noted the proposal for work around Milton Ponds, which could not be undertaken with volunteers due to the magnitude of the task.  Questions were raised regarding the responsibility of the angling club with regards to maintenance, however it was noted that the work was required within certain timescales due to the nesting seasons of birds on the banking.


A further scheme was considered, which entailed remediation work on land which was the responsibility of the parks department.  This would alleviate flooding in the area.  A number of options were considered, with the preferred option being to solve the issue in the long term.



(i)            That the current financial position be noted;

(ii)          That approval be given to pursue amendments to a Traffic Regulation order in Hoyland Town Centre up to a value of £5,000;

(iii)         That work to cut back the banking at Milton Ponds be approved up to a value of £1,080;

(iv)         That work to alleviate flooding on Sheffield Road, Birdwell be undertaken at a cost of up to £10,980;

(v)          That a workshop be arranged to consider the future priorities for the Area Council and potential areas for investment.

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