Agenda item

Corporate Financial Performance, Quarter 2 ending 30th September, 2017 (Cab.29.11.2017/8)




(i)        that the Corporate Financial Performance Report for the quarter ending 30th September 2017, as detailed in the report now submitted, be noted;


(ii)       that Executive Directors (where appropriate) provide detailed plans on how their forecast overspends will be brought back into line with existing budgets on a recurrent basis;


(iii)      that approval be given to the write off of £0.547m of historical debt as shown at paragraph 6.3 of the report;


(iv)      that the budget virement detailed in Appendix 1 of the report be approved;


(v)       that the potential impact of the Quarter 2 monitoring position on the Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy at paragraph 7 of the report be noted; and


(vi)      that an update be given on the Council Reserves Strategy as part of the 2018/19 Budget Process.

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