Agenda item

Fresh Street Project


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, providing the Area Council with an introduction to Sheffield University’s FRESH Street Project proposal for Athersley North, which also includes a proposed match funding arrangement.  £5,000 has been secured from the Alexander Rose Charity by Sheffield University.  The aim of the project is to increase participants’ consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables to encourage behaviour change and contribute to improved health and wellbeing.


The target group for the project is all residents (adults and children aged 2+) living on two randomly selected streets within the Athersley North ward, who will be given vouchers to spend locally on fruit and vegetables for a 6 month period.  The Yorkshire Health Study Questionnaire will be used to assess the health of the people in the Athersley North Area and the impact of the project. 




      i.        The North Area Council note the specific details of the FRESH Street Project provided within the report.


    ii.        The Area Council agree a match funding proposal of £5,000  so that more local people will benefit from the project.



Supporting documents: