Agenda item

Commissioning, Project Development and Finance Update


The Area Council Manager introduced this item and provided the Area Council with a financial positon and forecast for expenditure based on the projects that have been proposed, highlighting the projects requiring significant financial commitment. 


Members were informed that the recruitment to the Private Sector Housing and Enforcement Officer post had been unsuccessful.  However, the Housing Migration Officer (HMO) role graded as scale 6 offered a satisfactory alternative.  Recruitment for HMO posts is currently underway and a healthy number of applicants were being interviewed. It was recommended that the Area Council recruit an HMO for the North Area because the post holds similar responsibilities and requires many of the same skill.  The feasibility of employing a Youth Participation worker was being explored and looked positive. However, it was felt that a similar post focussed on older people did not fit within existing structures and alternative possibilities should be considered. 


It was also highlighted that the Area Council had benefitted from £112,294 of recycled Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) income since 2014 and that this will cease in March 2018 following the decision to decommission the service.




      i.        The North Area Council note the existing budget position and forecast for the funding commitments.


    ii.        The North Area Council note that contrary to previous information the North Area received a budget of £400,000 for the period 2017/18.


   iii.        Members  note the position on the recruitment of the Private Sector Housing and Environment Officer


   iv.        Members note the current financial position and the surplus budget of £180,341 for 2017/18.


    v.        Members note the forecasted annual budget commitments based on the decisions that were made at the September 2017 meeting.


   vi.        The option to combine the older people’s participation project with a larger project linked to prevention of winter deaths was looked on favourable and should be explored in a workshop.


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