Agenda item

Performance Management Report - Commissioned Projects & Grant Summary


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who updated Members with regard to the performance of commissioned projects and Stronger Communities projects for the period July to September 2017 (2017/18 Quarter 2). 


A discussion took place regarding the various commissioned projects.  The following key points were highlighted:


The Summer Holiday Internship programme (2015/16), delivered by C & K Careers, had achieved its objectives for those students who took part.  Evidence indicated that all the young people involved were heading in a positive direction.  Students had become more career confident and were pro-active about taking decisions and focussing on their post-16 opportunities.  None of the participants had become NNET and 55 out of 83 had enrolled on a level 3 qualification.  A copy of the final report was available on request. 


Councillors were disappointed that the Kingdom Security project had not delivered the anticipated behaviour change with regard to littering and dog fouling. 


It was highlighted that the CAB/Dial project had generated more than £3 million in benefit gains across the two-year life of the project and had handled £478,246 of debt .  Survey feedback indicated that the project had helped to reduce residents’ stress and improve their health and wellbeing, leaving them now more able to manage their own affairs.





(i)         Members note the content of the report.


(ii)       C & K Careers be sincerely thanked for their work on the Summer Holiday Internship Project, which had delivered positive outcomes for the young people involved.




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