Agenda item

Penistone Area Council Priorities. (Pac.03.09.2015/6)


The meeting noted the agreed priorities of the Area Council, which had been reconsidered at the previous meeting, alongside recently produced statistics about the area.  It was noted that subsequently there had been further statistical information provided, and the Ward Alliance had also discussed the priorities for the area.


Following this, a suggestion had been made that the current priority of ‘Access to Healthcare Services’, be widened to become ‘to Improve and Maintain Health and Wellbeing’.  This was unanimously agreed.


Cllr Hand-Davis put forward the proposal to consider funding an advice and guidance service, following his discussions and experience of DIAL Barnsley.  The meeting discussed how this may be taken forward, perhaps using the Devolved Ward Budget to fund a pilot.  It was agreed that the Area Manager pursue this with colleagues from DIAL.


Members noted a piece of work currently being undertaken to consider the work commissioned by Area Councils and Ward Alliances, to map its contribution to priorities in the area.  It was noted that this would also help identify and target gaps in provision


RESOLVED that the priority of ‘to Improve and Maintain Health and Wellbeing’ be adopted in place of ‘Access to Healthcare Services’.

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