Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (PAC.05.10.2017/5)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager.  Members were reminded of the decision made at the last meeting to extend the contract with Age UK.  It was noted that a letter confirming the extension to contract had now been issued, and discussions were taken place as to the shape of the next 12 months of delivery.


With regards to the Working Together Fund, it was noted that around £55,000 remained, with one application currently in development to hold a cycle festival in the area.  Members were reminded to encourage potential applicants to make contact with the Area Team.  A recommendation was made to transfer £10,000 of finance allocated to the Working Together Fund to the Ward Alliance Funds, to be allocated through previously agreed mechanisms.


Members received an update in relation to the procurement of a Clean and Tidy Service.  Discussions around TUPE had been concluded, as the staff employed on the previous contract had gained employment elsewhere.  It was noted that the new team, employed by Twiggs Grounds Maintenance, were due to start 1st November, 2017, and due to the this delay there was a number of new projects for them to develop. However, Members were still encouraged to forward any appropriate schemes for discussion with the provider.


Members discussed TUPE and the working conditions within Area Council contracts.  It was noted that all providers would have to be approved, in order to be listed on the YorTender system, but it was noted that conditions and such as pay could also be specified as part of the tender documentation if Members so wished.


Members then noted the financial profile for the Area Council, which highlighted the costs of extension of the original Clean and Tidy Team contract, which was within the 10% variation limit.



(i)            That the report be noted;

(ii)          That £10,000 of finance be transferred from the Working Together Fund allocation to the Ward Alliance Funds, to be distributed via previously agreed mechanisms.

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