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Commissioning Forward Plan (Nac.18.09.2017/6)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who provided a report outlining a summary of items that were discussed and recommendations made at a Members workshop held on 12th September 2017.  The report identified the projects that the Area Council wishes to invest in over the next 12 months together with a financial position and forecast for expenditure based on the projects that have been proposed.


A discussion took place regarding ensuring future projects and the need to identify which priorities should be taken forward to be of most benefit to the North area communities.  It was suggested that a workshop should be organised and advice sought from performance experts to ensure that there is no duplication with what is already being provided by others and that value for money is achieved whilst meeting identified needs. 


A discussion ensued regarding continuing the allocation of funding to Ward Alliances. 





      I.        The North Area Council note that contrary to previous information the North Area received a budget of £400,000 for the period 2017/18.


    II.        The North Area Council note the projects and services that it is currently committed to delivering.


   III.        The North Area Council note the existing budget position and forecast for the funding commitments. 


  IV.        Members note that the current contracts exceed the annual budget, therefore changes from 2018/19 are essential. 


   V.        Members agree to discontinue the Environmental Enforcement contract at the end of March 2018.


  VI.        Members agree the two new project proposals that have been identified to meet the current priorities. 


 VII.        Members note that despite a review of commissioned services there is still substantial amount of unallocated budget that requires consideration to achieve best outcomes for the North Area.


VIII.        Allocation of £10,000 per ward devolved to Ward Alliances should continue.


  IX.        The Community Magazine should continue to be published twice a year.


   X.        The Area Manager and SMT Link Officer will explore the feasibility of two additional posts:  Participation and Engagement Officer for both Young People and Older People.


  XI.        A further workshop be arranged in due course to discuss allocation of the remaining budget to meet the identified needs of the area.



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