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Performance Management Report - Commissioned Projects & Grant Summary (Nac.18.09.2017/5)


Members were provided with a comprehensive North Area Council Performance Report for the period April to June 2017 (2017/18 Quarter 1) for contracted service providers – CAB & DIAL – Community Outreach Project; Forge Community Partnership; C & K Careers Summer Internship and Kingdom Security Services. 


Part A of the report reflected information gathered from each contract for this period and Part B of the report provided a summary performance management report for each of the contracted services for this period.  Part C of the report provided a summary of performance information from the Strong Communities Grants Projects, which includes Emmanuel – over fifty friends; RVS – Looking out for Older People; Reds in the Community - walking football and Premier League Kicks, YMCA Youthwork. 





      I.        Members note the contents of the Performance Management Report.


    II.        A letter of thanks be sent to Forge Community Partnership thanking them for their hard work and commitment.



Supporting documents: