Agenda item

Grant Panel Second Round - Update (Nac.18.09.2017/4)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who updated Members regarding the outcome of the grant panel meeting.  Members were  reminded that it was agreed at the April 2017 meeting that the unallocated Stronger Communities Grant Funding would be available in a second round of funding allocated from the 2017/18 period.  The three recommended projects are Ad Astra, Emmanuel Methodist Church and Homestart Lifeline Project.  




      I.        Members note the NAC Stronger Communities Grant update.


    II.        Members note the projects that have been approved for funding. 


   III.        Members agree the grant awards and performance monitoring arrangements outlined in the report. 


  IV.        Members note the unallocated £20,797.50.


   V.        That the remaining funding is not rolled forwards for the next round.




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