Agenda item

Principal Towns Programme (PAC.03.08.2017/7)


Fiona O’Brien, Principal Towns Officer, was welcomed to the meeting and delivered a presentation outlining various elements of the Principal Towns Project, including Commissioning Board feedback, Penistone Registration of Interest and the next steps in the programme, to include the Business Plan, Working Group, Procurement Plan and match funding together with business and community consultation.  Most of the projects have been approved by the Board and will now move on to the next phase.  The business plan should be submitted to the Commissioning Board on 28th September but a request to change this date to November will be made, as more research is needed.


A discussion took place regarding road safety in Penistone and Members felt that this should be a consideration within the project as pedestrians in the town centre are faced with numerous challenges. 


RESOLVED that Fiona O’brien be thanked for her attendance and contribution and that Gary McNaught (Highways) be invited to attend a meeting in the second or third week in September to discuss options regarding road safety.