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Tour De Yorkshire (PAC.15.06.2017/7)


The meeting received a number of presentation slides referring to the Tour De Yorkshire.    Members noted that the attendance was in the region of 25,000 with an average dwell time of 3 hours.  The economic impact was estimated to be £538,000.


Members heard how some cafés in the area had completely sold out of food and drink on the day, due to the high visitor numbers. This was representative of many of the businesses within the area.


A number of the glowing comments received were discussed, and Members took pride in the success of the event.  Members noted negative comments about litter, but praised the response from the community in responding quickly to these.  It was hoped that the success could be built upon with events in the future.


All Members placed on record their thanks to all involved in organising the event including Council staff, volunteers, and community groups.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


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