Agenda item

A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction Improvement (Cab.25.7.2018/14)




(i)        that approval be given to the A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction Improvement totalling £4.352m (as detailed in Section 7 Financial Implications of the report now submitted) and the Council’s approved capital programme be amended accordingly;


(ii)       that the Executive Director Place be authorised to undertake all necessary steps to secure the scheme;


(iii)      that the Service Director Environment and Transport be authorised to:


·         Seek planning permission for the scheme attached detail in Appendix 1 of the report;


·         Under the terms of the Barnsley Contract Procedure rules, if necessary, seek tenders for any aspect of the project and appoint the successful tender on the basis of most economically advantageous bid; and/or consider whether the works, services or goods can be provided in-house, subject to value for money considerations;


·         Agree the relocation of the area designated for the emergency helicopter landing within the retained area of greenspace;


(iv)      that the Executive Director Core Services in consultation with the Executive Director Place be authorised to:


·         Negotiate the terms and conditions of a Funding Agreement with Sheffield City Region, and the Cabinet Spokesperson Place be authorised to give final approval to the terms of the funding agreement;


·         Make and publish a Side Roads Order under sections 14 and 125 of the Highways Act 1980 to deal with the required changes to the existing highway network to accommodate the scheme, to submit the order to the Secretary of State for Transport for confirmation and to take all necessary steps to secure confirmation of the Order including (if necessary) supporting the order at a local public inquiry; and


(v)       that approval in principle be given for the appropriation of up to 6 hectares of land identified in the plan attached at Appendix 1 of the report, from public open spaces to highway purposes and the Service Director Regeneration and Property, be authorised to undertake statutory consultation and:


·         If no relevant objections to the consultation are received, to appropriate the land for highway purposes;


·         If relevant objections to the notice are received, a report to be brought to Cabinet to consider making a decision whether to appropriate.