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Performance Report (PAC.06.04.2017/5)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item, referring to Part A which provided the cumulative impact of the Area Council’s investment to date.  Since the previous report two full time equivalent jobs had been created, and there had been two further work experience placements taken up.


Of the finance invested, 83% had been spent locally.  It was expected that this could be reduced slightly as two recently recruited workers were from outside the Borough; however they were still relatively local.   Members discussed the permanency of the posts created; suggesting it would be useful to report on which of the jobs created would become permanent.


Members noted the significant increases in the numbers of adults and young people volunteering, with this being attributed to the increasing number of commissions going live.  Members also noted the variety of opportunities available.


The Area Council Manager then drew attention to Part B of the report where a commentary was provided on each of the contracts.


The current contract with the Clean and Tidy team was due to come to an end 30th April, 2017, but it was noted that this would be extended until the end of May with underspend within the budget of the contract.  This would allow the team to support work in preparation for the Tour De Yorkshire.  Examples of the work undertaken were discussed, which included developing land art along the route.  It was noted that this would shortly feature on Facebook, highlighting opportunities for volunteers to be involved.  It was suggested that some examples of the roles involved would be useful.


For the advice service, Members noted that the contract monitoring visit was set to take place w/c 10th May, with the output of this being considered at the Area Council meeting on 8th June, 2017.  With regards to queries in relation to the return on investment figures, it was noted that £63 per £1 invested referred to projected figures, rather than actuals.  It was acknowledged that future reports would use actual figures to allow greater ease of comparison.  Future reports would also recognise the volunteer commitment encouraged by the commission.


The meeting received feedback relating to Penistone FM Young People In Radio project.   The project continued to grow and develop, with four young people now trained to Level 1, with them all wanting to continue to Level 2.  Attention was drawn to a number of case studies circulated, with one young person developing her skills as a community reporter.  It was agreed to circulate any opportunities for reporting to the Area Council Manager.


With regards to the Scouts Activity Centre Development, the meeting heard how 240 young people were on the waiting list to join, however the low numbers of leaders prohibited this.  The project had trained 10 adult leaders to help expand provision, and 25 older scouts had also undertaken training in the hope that they could be retained in the future as volunteers.  All other targets had also been met.


Members noted that the commission to reduce social isolation in older and vulnerable people had been given a working title of the ‘Social Inclusion Project’.  Noted was the significant amount of promotion and publicity undertaken, and it was acknowledged that this would include reference to the project being funded by the Area Council in the future, and Members would also be invited to future events.


The workers in post had made a number of positive connections with local groups and societies, and had already positively assisted clients with significant and complex needs.


Members noted that the volunteer car service had two volunteer drivers engaged, and had recently given its first lift.


The meeting went on to consider the performance of the Penistone Youth Project, which had been performing well on the whole. 40 young people had been involved in a range of ‘Love Where You Live’ activities.  It was noted that the number of young people attending three or more sessions would be monitored to give an indication of retention.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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