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Anti-Poverty Steering Group Recommendation


The Area Council Manager provided Members with an update from the Anti-Poverty Steering Group regarding the opportunity to increase the service provision for the remaining six months of the contract.  The Anti-Poverty Community Outreach Project has been extremely successful and is currently working over capacity, such that an additional outreach service is needed.  .  The highest levels of need are in Darton East and St Helens Wards.  Home visits are possible for those people who are unable to attend.  A number of options were put forward, including, the Community Shop, Mapplewell Village Hall, the village hall and the Methodist Church.  A private space is needed for outreach services at minimal cost for room booking. 





(i)            The North Area Council agrees to increase the capacity of the outreach provision currently commissioned

(ii)          The North Area Council continue the service after the end of the existing contract.

(iii)         Councillor Miller to make enquiries regarding private rooms available on Mondays at Mapplewell Methodist Church  and feed back to the Area Manager.


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