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Private Sector Housing


The Area Council Manager updated the North Area regarding the progress of the intention to recruit a Private Sector Housing and Environment Officer.  The postholder will contribute towards creating and sustaining safe and pleasant communities within areas of private rented sector housing by proactively case managing issues that have a detrimental effect on others in the locality and by identifying and protecting the area’s most vulnerable tenants and residents.


Performance information from the Central Area Council demonstrated how the role had evolved and was currently being delivered in this area, although it was acknowledged that the role would be bespoke to the North Area Council and issues identified may be different.  Outline costings equate to £33,000 per year for one full-time equivalent (FTE) worker.  There is no management fee.  Jane Brannan from Safer Communities will lead on recruitment as the postholder will be employed by BMBC with a possibility that the post could be mainstreamed if BMBC. 


RESOLVED that:  


(i)            Members note the information about the North Area and specific neighbourhoods of interest for a private sector housing and environment officer.


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