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Opportunities for Young People - Positive Progressions Procurement Update


The Area Council Manager updated the North Area Council on the progress that has been made by the working group to develop a project to meet the priority ‘Opportunities for Young People’.


A mixture of organisations tendered for the contract.  Unfortunately the preferred organisation did not pass the required financial checks so the contract has not been awarded.  A market consultation event is to be held at the end of April to attract more interest, with a view to the contract starting in September, which is later than anticipated.  North Area Council Members will be involved in the market consultation event.


Contract length – the contract will last for between 18 and 24 months, depending on the outcome of the consultation event.  The specification will be amended and the start of the project has been delayed.


Living wage/staff qualifications – Members were reassured that all project staff will be paid at least the living wage, as all Area Council contracts now stipulate this.  Staff will be suitably qualified and experienced as they will be in  a ‘Key Worker’ role.


RESOLVED that the North Area Council note the progress to date for this project.  



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