Agenda and draft minutes

Barnsley Town Board - Thursday 16 May 2024 2.30 pm

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Venue: Players Lounge (East Stand) - Barnsley Football Club. View directions

Contact: Chris Savage  Urban Centres Programme Manager

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Apologies were received from:

Chris Savage, Urban Centres Programme Manager– Barnsley Council

Dan Jarvis MP, Member of Parliament for Barnsley Central

Justin Homer, Area Lead – Cities & Local Growth Unit

Neil Copley, Director of Finance – Barnsley Council

Simon Wanless, Chief Superintendent – South Yorkshire Police


Declarations of Interest



It was discussed and agreed that where a conflict of interest could be present it would be declared and the relevant Board members may participate in any discussion but would abstain from voting.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 141 KB

Board Administrator


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.



Slide Deck




1.       Format of information presented can be amended from the slide deck if preferred.

2.       Action: To circulate slide deck to members prior to a Board meeting.  Slides to be shared by exception throughout the meeting.

3.       Town Centre Performance data agreed.


Key Points from meeting held in London 15th May 2024 and surrounding discussion with the Board ahead of a planned DLUHC visit


4.       Useful experience and believes that the programme is likely to survive any potential change in leadership following the general election.

5.       Young people to be engaged in the process throughout the programme.

6.       Themes to be agreed following consultations with the voices of the community rather than based solely on options suggested by DLUHC.

7.       The Board want to put across the aspirational narrative of the town going forward rather than looking backwards.

8.       To focus on changing the perceptions of the borough to others outside the area.

9.       Action: Draft itinerary to be shared by Kathy McArdle / Chris Savage with Board Members ahead of the DLUHC Town Board visit.



Government Update

Justin Homer, Area Lead, Towns & Cities Growth Unit 



1.       Guidance to be issued imminently regarding the three-year investment plan.

2.       Guidance to including deepening the level of engagement with members of the public who are not always consulted.



Consultation Plan Update

Dominic Jones, Economic Policy Development Officer, BMBC


1.      As per slide deck

2.       Working with colleagues in local DHLUC offices.

3.       Emphasised the need for long term consultation / ongoing conversation over a ten-year period.

4.       To work with Board members to develop the consultation plan.

5.       Three stage approach – reflect / engage, test & refine / ongoing engagement.

6.       Survey is live – leaflet shared with Board members and more copies to be provided.  The survey can be accessed via a QR code.  To run for approx. 3 weeks dependent upon the number of responses received in that timeframe.

7.       Resident consultation engagement organised.

8.       Welcome suggestions from the Board for groups to consult with.

9.       (Edward Naylor) Checking that surveys can be done offline as well.  Dominic confirmed that colleagues will be speaking to the public and completing paper copies.

10.   Dominic to meet with Alicia at Barnsley College Comms to share electronic version with students.

11.   Action: Dominic to share electronic links with Board members for promotion throughout businesses.

12.   (Cllr Stephen Houghton) Advised Dominic to request qualitative rather than quantitative information from respondents to balance public thoughts on what they would like to see in the borough verses what is actually achievable.

13.   Board members requested copies of the survey that could be shared via social media outlets.

14.   (Matt O’Neill) Organisation push for the surveys initially and social media options to follow for later surveys / consultations.



Investment Plan Update

Dan Harper, Head of Economic Development, BMBC 


1.       As per slide deck

2.       Three-year action plan to be submitted by August.

3.       Investment Plan based upon the one page slides included within the slide deck shared with Board members prior to the meeting.

4.       The three-year investment plan will potentially be flexible to change subject to discussions with the Board and DLUHC.

5.       How will the monies be spent?  Combination of grants to business through the Space Agency to bring empty units back into use.  Council spending to be used on public realm elements.

6.       Action: Discussions required going forwards regarding Board oversight of projects – could this involve project sponsors / task and finish groups / three theme specific groups. Preferred option – Four subgroups (three themes plus comms / marketing) to meet for half an hour prior to the full Board meeting.  

7.       Mickledore are currently assisting Economic Regeneration with the development of a strategy to oversee the projects based on their previous experiences in other areas.

8.      Action: One-page slides to be developed into an action plan ahead of the next meeting to show further information regarding funding options for the projects.


Financial Position

Iain Blackburn, Principal Accountant, BMBC


1.       As per slide deck.

2.       (Edward Naylor) Is this amount of funding usual for Local Authorities?  Response from Cllr Stephen Houghton – funding is less than some grants received in other areas, however the funding has been utilised well with occasional, additional funding provided from Council funds.

3.       Grants listed on the slides are for information as monies already allocated to projects.

4.       To promote to Government / businesses that a good return for investment will be provided in the borough.

5.      How will outputs and successes be measured?  Economic successes to be measured through the increase in job numbers.


Actions and Decisions from this Meeting

Board Administrator


As above.


Forward Plan

Board Administrator


Place Management: Getting Home Safely at Night (taxis)




a)    DLUHC Chairs Symposium and 10 Downing St Reception – 15 May 2024 - Chair


b)    Adam Hawksbee, Chair, DLUHC Towns Unit, visit to Barnsley on 21 June 2024 - Dan Harper, Head of Economic Development, BMBC 



1.       Could the consultation process be led by the Town Board rather than the Council to provide a greater overview of neutrality?

2.       (Bob Kirton) To take the opportunities to add to works that are ongoing by the public sector, backed by the private sector businesses.

3.       (Jon Flatman) What is the most value that can be gained from these Board meetings?  Could the Board members provide PR / press statements etc to help make a difference other than the ratification of operational Council works. 

4.       Action: To use Board members expertise to focus works going forward to enable the shaping of the agenda, utilising the skills and experience that Board members can offer.  To end the operational updates that are currently provided.

5.       Action: Workshop required with Board members to discuss What is the ten-year vision for the borough?



Date and Time of Next Meeting

Thursday, 13 June 2024; 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Microsoft Teams


Thursday 13th June 2024; 1:30pm to 3:30pm – TEAMS