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Contact: William Ward  Council Governance Officer


No. Item


Declarations of Interests

To receive any declarations of interest of a pecuniary or non-pecuniary nature from Members in respect of the items on this agenda (other than those recorded with the Minutes submitted for consideration at this meeting).

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Suspension of Standing Orders

To consider suspending Standing Order 13(5) in respect of the following presentation only (item 3 refers) insofar as it relates to restrictions on Members speaking more than once.

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Report to Those Charged with Governance (ISA 260) 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 775 KB

The Council will receive a presentation and report from the External Auditor summarising the key issues identified during the audit of the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st March, 2020 for the Authority and on the assessment of the Authority’s arrangements to secure Value for Money.




(i)            That the External Auditor’s (ISA 260) Report 2019/20 be approved;


(ii)          That the findings on the effectiveness of the Council’s internal controls and the conclusions on the Council’s arrangements for securing Value for Money be noted; and


(iii)            That the findings from the audit work in relation to the 2019/20 financial statements be noted.


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Audit and Governance Committee minutes - 28th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 223 KB

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Final Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 199 KB

To consider a report of the Chief Executive and Executive Director Core Services seeking the approval of the Annual Governance Statement 2019/20.


RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL that the final Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 be approved and adopted.

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Audited Statement of Accounts 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 138 KB

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL that the revised audited Statement of Accounts 2019/20 be approved.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 627 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meetings of the Council held on the 24th September, and the Annual Council held on the 22nd October, 2020.

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To consider any communications to be submitted by the Mayor or the Chief Executive.

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Recommendations to Council

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All reports detailed below are subject to Cabinet recommendation and are available to download from the Council’s website.  The Cabinet Spokesperson for the Service in question will respond to any comments or amendments concerning these minutes.



Hoyland South Masterplan Framework (Round 2 Adoption) (Cab.4.11.2020/6) pdf icon PDF 461 KB



(i)           that the progress made in the development of the Masterplan Framework for Hoyland South, as set out in the report now submitted, be noted;


(ii)          that the measures proposed relating to energy, sustainability, health and wellbeing be supported; and


(iii)         that the final version of the Masterplan Framework be presented to Full Council for adoption on 26th November 2020.

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Barnsley Leisure Card Transfer to Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) (Cab.4.11.2020/7) pdf icon PDF 223 KB

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL that the Barnsley Leisure Card management, operation development and promotion be transferred to Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL), as set out in the report submitted.

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Substantive Items

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Transfer of the Role of Proper Officer's Representative in Registration Services pdf icon PDF 221 KB

The Executive Director Core Services will submit a report seeing to formally authorise for the transfer of the Proper Officer’s Representative, which is a statutory role, to the Head of IT Service (Design and Compliance).

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Appointment to Outside Bodies

(a)  Sheffield City Region Thematic Boards – Reserve Members




Business Recovery and Growth Board – Councillor Sir Steve Houghton CBE (Reserve Member)


Education, Skills and Employability Board – Councillor Frost (Reserve Member)


Housing and Infrastructure Board – Councillor Frost (Reserve)


Transport and the Environment Board – Councillor Tattersall (Reserve)


(b)  Virtual School Governors


Proposed – Delete Councillor Felton and add Councillor Saunders

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Minutes of the Regulatory Boards

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General Licensing Regulatory Board - 9th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 140 KB

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Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee - 9th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 136 KB

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Audit and Governance Committee - 16th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 355 KB

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Planning Regulatory Board - 20th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 130 KB

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General Licensing Regulatory Board - 28th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 138 KB

Additional documents:


Statutory Licensing Regulatory Board - 28th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 273 KB

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General Licensing Panel - Various pdf icon PDF 206 KB

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Appeals, Awards and Standards - Various pdf icon PDF 99 KB

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Minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board

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Health and Wellbeing Board - 8th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 148 KB

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Minutes of the Scrutiny Committees

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Overview and Scrutiny Committee - 8th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 373 KB

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Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Thriving and Vibrant Economy Workstream) - 13th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 281 KB

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Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Special Meeting) - 26th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 213 KB

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Overview and Scrutiny Committee (People Achieving their Potential Workstream) - 3rd November, 2020 pdf icon PDF 278 KB

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Minutes of the Area Councils

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Central Area Council - 7th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 147 KB

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Dearne Area Council - 14th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 138 KB

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North Area Council - 14th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 139 KB

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North East Area Council - 24th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 272 KB

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South Area Council - 25th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 137 KB

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Penistone Area Council - 1st October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 147 KB

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South Area Council - 23rd October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 27 KB

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Minutes of the Cabinet Meetings

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Cabinet Meeting - 23rd September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 226 KB

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Cabinet Meeting - 7th October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 140 KB

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Cabinet Meeting - 21st October, 2020 pdf icon PDF 142 KB

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Cabinet Meeting - 4th November, 2020 pdf icon PDF 122 KB

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(NB. Minute No 348 of the Cabinet Meeting held on the 7th October, 2020 ‘Award of the A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction Main Civil Works Contract’ was ‘Called-in’ and was considered at a Special Meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on the 26th October, 2020)


Questions relating to Joint Authority, Police and Crime Panel and Combined Authority Business

Additional documents:

Minutes of the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, and Police and Crime Panel


Any Member of the Council shall have the opportunity to comment on any matters referred to in the following minutes.


The relevant representatives shall then be given the opportunity to respond to any comments made by Members on those minutes.


Police and Crime Panel (Draft) - 7th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 193 KB

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South Yorkshire Pensions Authority - 10th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 284 KB

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South Yorkshire Pensions Authority (Draft) - 30th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 163 KB

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South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority - 14th September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 352 KB

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Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority Board (Draft) - 21st September, 2020 pdf icon PDF 264 KB

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Questions by Elected Members

To consider any questions which may have been received from Elected Members and which are asked pursuant to Standing Order No. 11.


(a)  Councillor Hunt


‘What plans does the council have to implement more 20mph zones within residential areas and outside schools in the borough?’


(b)  Councillor Fielding


‘Many residents have asked me if the proposed children’s play area at Penny Pie Park Gyratory can be placed in a different location further away from the traffic and the high levels of Nitrous Oxides emitted by that traffic but I am advised by the project team that it will be constructed as shown on the current plans, just yards from the new highway.


Why is this location being used rather than one much further away from traffic?’


(c)  Councillor Kitching


‘On 19th February this year Cllr Chris Lamb issued a statement in response to concerns about the high costs of security at Penny Pie Park in which he said

‘The anticipated cost for the security services, including the purchasing and hiring of fencing, totals £220,000’

A little more than 6 months later, a report to Cabinet stated that the costs of security and fencing at Penny Pie Park now stand at £447,000.

Why have these costs more than doubled in this short time and can the Cabinet member please confirm that these increases are not as a result of scheme enhancements requested by residents.

What is the anticipated final cost for the security and fencing at Penny Pie Park?’


(d)  Councillor Hunt


‘The Section 106 agreement accompanying the granting of outline planning permission for the former North Gawber Colliery site in Mapplewell, under planning reference 2014/0452, required the developer to pay a sum of £77,580 as a Highways Infrastructure Contribution towards improvement works associated with Swallow Hill Road, Mapplewell. This sum has been paid by the developer. Please can an update be provided on the plans of the council to implement these much-needed highway improvement works.’


(e)  Councillor Hunt


On 23rd May the Secretary of State for Transport announced an active travel fund to support local authorities in implementing facilities for cycling and walking. The funding is in two tranches:-

·         tranche 1 supports the installation of temporary projects for the COVID-19 pandemic

·         tranche 2 supports the creation of longer-term projects ?

Please provide an update on the amount of funding that the council has secured in relation to this opportunity and what its plans are to implement schemes in relation to each tranche of funding.’

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Question by a Member of the Public - for Information Only pdf icon PDF 58 KB

To note the following question received from a Member of the public together with the response provided by the Cabinet Spokesperson:


1             Mr J R – Staincross


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