Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 30 November 2023 2.00 pm

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Contact: James Eggington  Project Support Officer - Major Projects Team

No. Item





Apologies were received from Alex Clegg, Cllr Moore, Cllr Cain, and John Healey MP


Minutes from the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising


Additional documents:


The following update on the minutes and actions from the last meeting was provided:? 


Action: Alison/Rachael to look at possibilities to review resources available on this project to ease some of the time pressures to accelerate the current approval timescales through the BMBC Cabinet process.

Update: BMBC officers have engaged with internal colleagues to expedite the background information required to support the Cabinet report (e.g. detailed designs, public realm design and cost plan, financial and legal implications). However, due to potential impact of the anticipated PAR and associated approvals, the cabinet approval timescales have been amended slightly to provide the opportunity for the necessary DLUHC to feed into the updated Cabinet report and reflect the accurate funding position.


Action: BMBC to talk to colleagues in assets management to see if any further information is available re: the old school site

Update: Rachael has discussed and advised that the council will be considering the position given the lack of progress made, and will hopefully have more to feedback at next board meeting


Action: BMBC Officers to seek approval from Governance to facilitate a briefing session with the Dearne South & North elected members during the 5-day call-in period in order that they, on behalf of the Towns Board, have full transparency of the due diligence undertaken in order to be satisfied that the due process has been followed.

Update: Rachael has actioned this - a briefing was held during the call-in period, the decision was not called in.


Action: PS Paul Aston asked to be added to the mailing list so police networks can distribute as well.

Update: PS Paul Aston has been added to the Goldthorpe Towns Fund mailing list


Action: James Eggington to circulate potential future dates as a discussion point for the ‘Future Board Schedule’. James Eggington/Becca Gamble to discuss hybrid options internally and with Tim Coleman.

Update: James and Becca have held internal meetings with IT support to discuss the viability of hybrid meetings. A meeting has also been held with Tim Colemanand further options are being investigated. Update to be provided under Forward Plan agenda item.



Action: Mike to bring a presentation as part of his next board comms update as to how the opening of the Town Square has impacted website visits

Update: Mike has prepared a presentation, and this was circulated with the board papers.


Action: Active Travel – Comms to be released regarding a completed scheme on the A61, will also touch on the progress on the A635

Update: Land agreement still yet to be put in place but transport are hoping this will be resolved soon. They are also hoping for an A61 opening event after Xmas and a A635 event in March.


Councillor Coates provided an update regarding the closure of the Goldthorpe Bypass. Rachael will try and get a further update by the ending of the meeting.



Action: Due to Rebecca Slack being ill for the October Board, her scheduled presentation is to be moved to the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 429.


Declarations of Interest



Claire Dawson – Embankment

Matthew Stephens confirmed that he had had no further contact with the previous interested CIF party after his declaration at the last meeting.


Town Investment Plan Update

Rachael Allington


A presentation was shared for board members only.


The board were advised that that a poster had been attached illegally to a highways sign on the edge of the new town square naming the Horse and Groom Square. Given this poster is likely to be removed by Highways, the board discussed the merits of commissioning a sign to be incorporated into the square, and a vote to name the square as the Horse and Groom Square, which is the Heart of Goldthorpe was proposed.


This motion passed.


Decision: The Goldthorpe Town Square is now named the Horse and Groom

Square, the heart of Goldthorpe

The project team will progress a commission to design and erect the sign.


Key decisions required from board this period.


To discuss and agree frequency of Future meetings / Forward plan (to be discussed

under agenda item)

Endorsing the approach of a potential Programme project adjustment request (PAR) which may seek to reallocate cost savings made across the Goldthorpe TIP to address the unsecured Housing funding gap and addressing rising costs across the Programme (to be discussed under agenda item)


Rachael Allington provided a brief update of the key points of progress of the Towns



Cllr Bellamy raised the issue of the traffic on the A635.

The council is aware of these issues and are working to rectify.




Project Adjustment Request Update

Rachael Allington


This item was agreed to follow directly on from the Town Investment Plan Update.

A presentation was shared for board members only.


Rachael Allington provided an update explaining the purpose of a project adjustment request (PAR) and which projects are being considered to be included in a potential PAR. Also detailing the potential timescales and potential impact on the outputs and timeframes of their respective projects.


Question from Antonio Jamasb: There have been a number of risks highlighted, how are these being tracked and how are decisions being made? Also raised concerns over the cost/benefit ratio being impacted by the potential PAR.


A discussion was held to further explain the funding implications of the PAR, how seeking to reapportion across projects to mitigate unsecured match funding and ensure all projects remain viable and able to be delivered.


The Chair expressed his disappointment in the level of Brownfield Housing Fund received from SYMCA, as the amount allocated as does not cover full amount requested for Project D. The Chair requested that this should be fed back to the SYMCA Mayors office. Rebecca Slack explained that the amount of funding is limited to a fixed amount per dwelling, which resulted in the funding that was awarded.


Councillor Coates thanked Antonio for his question but stated that the board temper the feedback to SYMCA as they are a key strategic partner and fund multiple projects across the borough.


It was agreed that the feedback would be given but in a constructive manner that sought to work with SYMCA on future funding opportunities.


Rachael Allington confirmed that BMBC is continuing to lobby SYMCA for assistance, but the PAR is another route to try and address the unsecured funding gap.


Rebecca Slack explained the developments to the Brownfields Funding and what is

happening around SYMCA internal discussions with the programme.


Matthew Stephens supports the PAR but feels that it should not be necessary.


Tim Coleman enquired about the 30% tolerance limit in place from DLUHC.

Justin Homer explained why this limit is in place and how it was designed to allow some element of flexibility for local authorities to manage delivery of projects without having to go through a formal appraisal process.


A discussion was held explaining that the chosen Towns Fund projects have been through a lengthy and robust Business Case approval and appraisal process and so it is unlikely that any new project business cases would be developed and appraised by DLUHC within the delivery timescales.

Councillor Coates Wishes to raise respect for amount of work went into original business

cases and supports the PAR to wire funding between agreed projects to ensure they can achieve their outputs.


Antonio Jamasb requested more information before the board endorsed the PAR.


Matthew Stephens requested a quick summary for new board members of what the housing projects entail.

Alison Dalton and Julie Tattershall provided this summary.


Rachael Allington advised that the decision required from board was to endorse the

approach to investigate a PAR, and that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 432.


Safer Streets Funding Update

Rachael Allington


Rachael Allington provided an update advising of a Safer Streets Funding application, we are hoping to be in a position to update further at the next board meeting.



Project F Deep Dive

A representative from the Land Trust will deliver this item


A presentation was shared for board members only.


An explanation was given regarding the risk log updates to Project F and future plans for the maintenance of the site.

Marie Convery explained that the project team are currently waiting on the Land Trust project board before releasing to tender for an occupier, and that they are addressing security concerns.


Dan Harper requested clarification on the submission of full planning application. This was provided.


Question from Matthew Stephens: is there anything that can be done with the underpass site due to its proximity to Phoenix Park?

Response from Marie Convery: confirmed that the underpass is not located on the Land Trust site.


Becca Gamble explained that the underpass is BMBC maintained and so when Highways have their plans in place she can link between them and Land Trust if there are any specific questions.


Councillor Morrell, Coates, and Bellamy provided an update to the timescales of the planned repairs and the recent concerns behind the security of the site.


PS Paul Aston reported that these incidents have not been reported to the police as far as he is aware.


The board requested an update around Anti-Social Behaviour and what provisions are going to prevent vandalism to the Phoenix Park Café


Marie Convery confirmed that this is one of the primary aspects the Land Trust and BMBC are considering. Meetings have been held with Elite (the appointed contractors) and the SY Police ‘Secure by Design’ to inform regarding the best way to deter incidents. PS Paul Aston is involved in these discussions also.


Councillor Coates requested that a representative from BMBC Highways attends the next meeting to help negotiate the best way to deal with the underpass issue.


Action – Highways and Right of Way team to be contacted for an update and discuss invitation to the February board meeting.



Monitoring and Evaluation Return

Becca Gamble


A presentation was shared for board members only.

Becca Gamble provided an update to the April-September Monitoring and Evaluation return and explained the key points to note.


The full M&E document has previously been shared to board.


Question from Matthew Stephens: Why is the actual reported spend for Project H low if the project is at final stages?

Becca Gamble explained this report is on spend to the end of September 23 so does not have all payments spent as yet. CIF spend to date was queried and Becca advised this will be on staff and fees with contracted work such as DWF Law and CBRE.

Board requested up to date spend information as the M&E shared is for the period ending Sep23.

Action: Up to date spend information to be shared with Board

Decision: Matthew’s signature can be used on the monitoring and evaluation return to confirm the Board has had sight of the information.



Communication Plan

Mike Cotton

·       Including a presentation on changes to website access data


Michael Cotton shared a presentation regarding comms updates to the Towns Fund including heart of the wood, the Heart of Goldthorpe project, and the Selfie Trail. An update was also provided regarding changes to the website access data.


Councillor Bellamy wished to raise that Councillors have been asked for an interview for the heart of the wood project.


The board requested feedback on the new market and its success to date. Rachael Allington suggested that BMBC would seek to provide stats regarding attendance to the market and that if required we could continue to report as this as an item for the board.

Action – Statistics/updates regarding the new Market to be kept on as a regular update to board.




Government Updates

Justin Homer


Justin Homer provided an update regarding the Monitoring and Evaluation return.???


South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Updates

Rebecca Slack

·       Including a presentation regarding SYMCA’s role and its relevance to the Dearne area


A presentation was shared for board members only.

An update was provided regarding SYMCA’s role, key growth areas, and investment site opportunities.


Matthew Stephens requested that a SYMCA investments zone representative attend the February Board meeting to provide an update.


Action: SYMCA investment zone representative to be invited by Rebecca Slack to attend the February Board meeting to provide an update.


Dan Harper provided an update regarding funding zones and how they impact Barnsley ES10.



Forward Plan and Future Meeting Schedule

Rachael Allington


·       Forward Plan


Board Date

Suggested Format

Agenda Item

Suggested papers and when to be circulated

1st February 2024


Employment Land Deep Dive

Copy of Presentation – Summary slide highlighting key discussion points and actions/decisions required

With agenda – week before meeting

Business engagement review

Discussion points to be shared

With agenda – week before meeting

Board Development

Discussion Points to be shared

With agenda – week before meeting



·       For discussion – Future board meeting cycle and proposed dates

(Attached Document)


Rachael Allington provided an update to the forward plan for February. Explained rationale behind board development item.

A presentation was shared by Becca Gamble for board members giving update on hybrid meeting solutions available to allow members to dial in to face-to-face meetings if required.

All Board members should be able to participate equally in meetings.

A discussion was held regarding the board’s opinion on these hybrid options and their limitations.


Josh Clough noted that since the previous Board meeting at the Dearne Playhouse the project team have been working to improve the internet connection which gives a potential new option.

Matthew Stephens stated his preference for face-to-face meetings with hybrid options.

Antonio Jamasb offered the use of his site for board meetings as it has broadband.

Decision – to host the February meeting via teams as planned and to further investigate the possibility of hosting the April meeting onsite.

Action – Becca to contact Antonio regarding feasibility of using his site.













Board Date 

Suggested Format 

Agenda Item 

Suggested Papers and when to be circulated 

1st February 2024 





Employment Land Deep Dive 

Copy of presentation 

- Summary slide highlighting Key discussion points and actions/decisions required 

with agenda, week before meeting 

Business Engagement Review 

Discussion points to be shared 

with agenda, week before meeting 

Board Development 

Discussion points to be shared 

with agenda, week before meeting 

Procurement activities to date and future opportunities

Discussion points to be shared

With agenda, week before meeting


For discussion – Future board meeting cycle and proposed dates

Suggested dates:

·       11th April 2024 - Face to Face

·       23rd May 2024 (NB date may change subject to DLUHC confirming M&E dates) -Teams TBC      

·       18th July 2024 - Teams TBC

·       19th September 2024 - Face to Face TBC

·       28th November 2024 (NB date may change subject to DLUHC confirming M&E dates) - Teams TBC

·       9th January 2025 - Teams TBC

·       6th March 2025 - Teams TBC



Any Other Business


Matthew Stephens suggested the potential use of shipping containers for the

construction of Phoenix Park Cafe.


Date of next meeting – Thursday 1st February 2023 (MS Teams)