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No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Apologies were received from Councillor Coates, Andy Lock, John Healey MP, Beckie Guthrie, Matthew Stephens, Rachael Allington, Suzanne Brough, John Twigg & Councillor May Noble.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.


Action:  Develop options for replacement solar farm project and return to Board on the 10th March to present the preferred one. – to be discussed in the body of the meeting.



Declaration of Interest - All


The following people declared an interest in the Embankment:

Michael Bunting, Claire Dawson & Pauline Phillips.


Town Investment Plan Update - Paul Clifford

-          Highlight Report

-          Risks /Financial Profile



Highlight Report


Copy to be circulated to the Board with the minutes.


Deep Dives were presented to the Cabinet Oversight Board last week which has led to changes to dates for Cabinet Reports to be submitted to Cabinet.


Risks/Financial Profile

                As noted in the highlight report.



Project Updates

Heart of Goldthorpe – update on specifications for design and consultation process – Teresa Williams


Solar Farm Replacement Project Proposal – Alison Dalton / Julie Tattershall



Update on accelerated Town Square works – Paul Clifford

·         Proposed Timeline

·         Digital Board update


Drone footage showing baseline position for the sites. – Claire Farley



Heart of Goldthorpe – Teresa Williams


A presentation was shared with the Board.


Researched other town centre developments ahead of Procurement process beginning. As well as Board members providing feedback on the brief.


Specifications currently being revised, due to go live next week as a Procurement exercise.


Important estimated dates include:

July – October completed designs and planning application (as change of use for the land) to be submitted.


January 2023 for works to begin.


Query from Michael Bunting – could the market be introduced onto the site as a temporary measure?

Action: Paul Clifford to ask the Urban Centres Team to provide a proposal for the interim use of the Town Square (for example pop up or specialist markets).



Solar Farm Replacement Project – Alison Dalton / Julie Tattershall


A presentation was shared with the Board.


£2m funding gap highlighted as a concern by the Capital Oversight Board for the wider housing scheme.   To utilise the £2m originally highlighted for a solar scheme for retro fit measures on existing housing.


Retrofit measures and costs to include:


Remedial works

External wall insulation

Phase 1 – 24 units

Phase 2 – 100 units

Phase 3 / 4 – 120 units



To reduce energy costs by approx. £160 per annum per terraced property

Reduction of carbon footprint per property

Reduce damp and condensation in properties

Increase lifespan of externals of properties


Pre – 1919 Site

3 surveys completed to date

Design concepts for properties to link into the properties on the market site.

Consultations to begin 10th May – online and paper copy surveys, assistance to be available from Goldthorpe Library if required.  Prize draw entry for completing surveys.


Queries from Michael Bunting – External wall insulation, what colour / finish would this be?

Backings – will they be transformed as well?


Alison Dalton advised that a decision hasn’t been made to date regarding insulation.  Amendments to the backings will be considered as part of the pre-1919 scheme.


Query from Councillor Danforth – Reasons for demolition?

Alison Dalton – Arcadis review showed that east – west connection would be better served by including demolitions, however, this will be discussed as part of the consultation process and may not happen.


Drone Footage – Claire Farley


A film was shared with the Board.


Query from Derek Bramham: Can this be shared with the Dearne Area Team?

Michael Cotton advised this could possibly be done once Cabinet approval has been received.


Councillor Gardiner and Claire Dawson expressed thanks to all who were involved in the creation of the film.



Communication Plan - Mike Cotton


A presentation was shared with the Board.


Strap line: Goldthorpe - Regenerate, Renew & Revitalise. Wider Dearne also to be included on the branding


Approval sought for the branding shown on the presentation.


Councillor Danforth – very pleased with the presentation as it shows all the areas included.


Michael Bunting – Query regarding when the icons were included in the designs?

Michael Cotton advised that this was included prior to the final meeting of the consultation group.


Decision: The Board agreed the use of the branding.


Action:  All to use the adopted branding going forward.


Interim refresh of website completed.



Government Updates - Sam Pollard


Towns Fund delivery partner to be available until the end of July.

Introduced Matthew Blackburn to the group as he will be involved in assisting Towns Funds.



South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Updates - Becky Guthrie


No update was available as Beckie Guthrie was unable to attend the meeting.



Forward Plan - Paul Clifford


April / May - Cabinet Report to be brought to Board once approved by Cabinet.

April / May -  Deep Dives to begin again once Cabinet approval has been received.



Any Other Business

Feedback on ARG appointed engagement in the Town Square – Claire Farley

ES10 Employment Land – Rachael Allington


Feedback on ARG appointed engagement in the Town Square – Claire Farley


Claire shared a presentation with the Board.


Over 50 people attended the first session in February and provided their comments, ideas and concerns for the area.


Further sessions arranged as follows:

14th March – Carrfield Primary School

18th March – Welfare Park

19th March – Horse & Groom site


Query from Michael Bunting – Could CCTV be added to the site sooner rather than later to address the anti-social behaviour issues?

Teresa Williams advised that existing cameras installed outside the police station by the Principal Towns team completely covers the Horse & Groom site.  

Action:  Teresa Williams to clarify CCTV monitoring with Mark Giles.


Councillor Neil Danforth – Could the toilets outside the library be reopened once the works to the Town Square are completed?  Councillor Cain also commented that residents had mentioned the lack of public toilets available. 

Councillor Gardiner advised that options to be considered based upon factors including cleaning and costs.


Query from Michael Bunting – Will the old brick wall to the rear of site remain?

Action: Teresa Williams to check the ownership of the red wall so that this can be factored in to any plans for the site.



ES10 Employment Land – Paul Clifford


Developer interested in sharing land acquisition strategy, would like to attend the next Board to discuss.

Action:  Rachael Allington to arrange for the Developer to be invited to the next meeting


Bolton Upon Dearne Residents Group – Paul Clifford


Action: Paul Clifford and Councillor Danforth agreed to meet with Residents Group once Cabinet Reports have been approved in April.



Digital Advertising Board – Paul Clifford

20 year lease requested by company, £5,000.00 payment to be made per year.  Board to be used for Government approved messaging as well as advertising.

As the screen conflicts with aspirations for the sites, should a counter offer be submitted to the company?

Preference could be for a mural, however, as the wall is not owned as part of the site this would need to be discussed with the owner.

Decision: Board took the decision not to support moving forward with the digital advertising screen as this conflicts with wider aspirations for the square.


Action: Paul Clifford to feed back the Board’s decision.

Old School Site

Query from Michael Bunting re: Old School Site – is there any development news that can be shared with the Board?

Paul Clifford advised that Warrior Developments have submitted a planning application which is due to be determined on the 19th April.

Additional Comments

Councillor Coates joined the end of the session and requested copies of the slides shared in today’s Board meeting.  These will be collated and emailed when received.

Councillor Gardiner to check purdah regulations regarding the attendance of Councillors at the meeting on the 21st April 2022.


Date and Time of Next Meeting

Thursday 21st April 2022 2-4pm