Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board, Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 27 January 2022 2.00 pm

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No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Apologies were received from Jeremy Budd, Sarah Cartwright, Councillor May Noble.



Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


The minutes were accepted as a true record, proposed by Councillor Neil Danforth, seconded by Councillor Alan Gardiner.


There are no outstanding actions from the previous meeting.



Declarations of Interest - All


·         Michael Bunting – Embankment

·         Pauline Phillips – Embankment

·         Claire Dawson – Embankment



Reflection Time - All


It was agreed that this item would be removed from future agendas.


Town Investment Plan Update

Highlight Report – Paul Clifford

Risks / Financial Profile – Paul Clifford

Accelerated Project Update – Sophie Moore


Highlight Reports – Rachael Allington

Council Capital Oversight Board agreed to recommend for approval projects K, F, G & H

Project L and D will go back to Capital Oversight Board to give a deep dive and seek approval due to the more complex nature of the detail.


Seeking further approval:

Project L – Employment Land Towns Fund Property Investment Fund – To be submitted to the next Capital Oversight Board for approval.


Project D Housing – Market demolition works planned for February subject to planning approval.  To be submitted to the next Capital Oversight Board for approval.



Approved to progress :

Project K – Employment Land New Roundabout - to the Planning Regulatory Board 15th February for access roundabout, subject to approval and discharge of planning regulations works to begin later in February.

Project F – Phoenix Park - prepare to begin works once Cabinet approval agreed.

Project G Community & Cultural Hub– prepare to begin works once Cabinet approval agreed.

Project H Heart of Goldthorpe – prepare to begin works once Cabinet approval agreed.


Cabinet Report approval process on track for February and working towards Cabinet approval in March.

Project updates to be included in the Communication Plans with key communications messages to be shared with the Board as and when delivery begins.


Risks /Financial Profile – Rachael Allington


The Highlight report presents the overall RAG rating for the projects is Amber pending full business case and cabinet approval. 



Accelerated Project Update

To be removed from future agendas as works have now been delivered.



Project Updates

Housing – Alison Dalton

Solar Farm Replacement Project Options – Paul Clifford

Acceleration of Town Square works – Paul Clifford


Housing Update – Alison Dalton / Julie Tattershall


Alison Dalton shared a presentation with the Board.


Hybrid scheme, two schemes to be included, omitting the retrofit scheme which was proposed following advice from Jacobs the Economic Consultants.  Feasibility monies secured for brownfield site. Phased approach due to current unsecured funding.


Alison introduced Julie Tattershall who is now in place as new Project Manager to work on the housing schemes.  The Chair welcomed Julie to the Board.


Towns Deal Subgroup – would there be an appetite for board members to become involved in this to view / comment upon proposals?


Goldthorpe Market Site – Planning submitted in December, consultation period to the end of January.


Goldthorpe Hotel – change of use proposal for 10 apartments submitted to planning department.


Paul Clifford – proposal scaled back due to resources, looking to maximise further funding where available.


Query from Councillor Danforth re: Strategy. Alison advised high level ideas but public consultations yet to be done therefore no acquisitions to date.


Query from Michael Bunting re: removal of retrofit scheme.  Alison advised retrofit scheme still an aspiration, additional funding to be sought / secured.


Query from Matthew Stephens:  will assisted living be considered?  Alison advised working closely with Berneslai Homes to ascertain housing needs in the area over the next ten years, to engage with potential tenants once works are ready to begin onsite.  Aspiration to deliver a mix of housing.


Solar Farm Replacement Project Options – Rebecca Gamble 


A presentation was shared with the Board.


Proposed alternative options, discussed at a meeting in January:


Additional housing project – low carbon new build homes & retrofit of existing pre-1919 stock.

Additional floorspace to ES10 – to be written into the specifications of the Property Investment Fund (PIF).


Enhancements to Heart of Goldthorpe

High Street businesses retrofit (Goldthorpe / Thurnscoe / Bolton Upon Dearne) – further investigations required on costings for solar panels / contributions from landlords.


Youth Engagement session 20th January, what currently exists, where the gaps are and can the Towns Fund contribute to this – discussions ongoing.


To work up options for discussion / approval to proceed at the next Board meeting on the 10thMarch.


Query From Andy Lock, could there be a sustainability element / legacy fund from investment in housing scheme?  Rebecca Gamble & Alison Dalton advised that would be investigated as part of the due diligence from each project ahead of the next Board meeting.



Acceleration of Town Square Works – Paul Clifford


A presentation was shared with the Board by Paul Clifford.


Vacant space on the High Street following the demolition of the Horse and Groom.


Design & construction partners required in order to (ambitiously) begin works onsite in the summer, following public consultation and planning permission.


To potentially include a ‘coming soon’ Board to update passers-by.



Communication Plan - Michael Cotton


Ledgard Jepson appointed as branding consultants.  Developing several branding concepts to be reviewed at a meeting on the 4th February if any Board members would like to attend the virtual meeting please contact Michael Cotton direct for details.  Dearne Astrea and several residents also invited to attend.  Branding concepts to highlight that the scheme will benefit Thurnscoe and Bolton Upon Dearne, not just Goldthorpe.


To refine down to two options and develop details to be made available at the library for the community to comment on.


Claire Dawson – would like to see the aspirations from previous consultations with the community included within the brand.



Government Updates - Justin Homer


Update provided by Sam Pollard


Provided clarity on existing queries.


Spot checks to be carried out as part of the assessments of the Towns Fund following submissions in March which means Goldthorpe submissions may or may not be selected.


In terms of match funding, government accepts the challenges around identifying match funding and the fact that submissions may include match to be confirmed. The local are team will continue to support the board on submissions.


Communications – main focus to be on the agreed boundary.


Internal processes and documents updated on the website.


Paul Clifford thanked Sam and Justin for their ongoing support.



Sheffield City Region Updates


Update provided by Becky Guthrie


Rebranded as South Yorkshire MCA to include South Yorkshire Transport teams from April 2022.

Programme Management and Service Delivery to be separated to proactively develop programmes from April onwards.

Gain Share Monies agreed for the next 30 years from Central Government to be used in line with Corporate Plan and Local Authority Local Plans.  To be used to help and support Local Authorities focusing on revenue for developing schemes over the next two years.



Forward Plan - Rachael Allington


10th March proposing to bring an overview of the approved Cabinet Report.


            April & May – to continue updates (Deep Dives) on projects.



Any Other Business - All


Community Engagement Opportunity – Liane Holdsworth


Six artists commissioned as part of the work in the Principal Towns.  Dan Jones commissioned to work in Goldthorpe using creative ways of engaging with young people on the site of the Horse & Groom and Welfare Park.


Paul Clifford advised that the University of Sheffield have monies available to work within Principal Towns on the cultural agenda.


Councillor Coates – Digital Billboard - could this be used to promote consultations / designs / art work.  Paul Clifford advised this will be a privately owned advertising screen so discussions with the owner would be required regarding timescales, costs and access issues for the billboard.


Mike Cotton – advised messages on digital screens can be quite expensive.


Councillor Gardiner advised that he was unaware that a planning application had been submitted and approved for a digital billboard at the side of the new town square.


Claire Dawson – Dearne Approach Meeting on a monthly basis to be resurrected beginning on the 21st February.  If you wish to attend please contact Claire Dawson direct.


Michael Bunting – meeting scheduled for Thursday 3rd June, can this be rearranged as conflicts with the Queens Jubilee. Lynsey Law to amend the date.



            Date and Time of Next Meeting

                Thursday 10th March 2022 2-4pm


Alternative date for the June meeting to be arranged due to a clash with a moved Bank Holiday.