Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 23 February 2023 2.00 pm

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No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Apologies were received from Sarah Cartwright, Gavin McMurtry, Daniel Harper, Councillor Wendy Cain, Claire Dawson, Derek Bramham and John Healey MP.



Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


The minutes were accepted as a true record.

Actions from previous meeting and matters arising:


            Heart of Goldthorpe

Question from Councillor Bellamy – Could a commemorative tree for Councillor Gardiner be included in the square?

Response from Teresa Williams – agreed to discuss taking this forward with Councillor Bellamy once she has had a further conversation with Councillor Gardiner’s widow.

Project L Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund


Decision: It was agreed that Suzanne will look to book Houghton Road Community Centre for the Social Value meeting.


Following the meeting, discussions were held with a representative from the Houghton Road Community Centre, unfortunately the venue could not be booked for the Social Value Session on the 2ndMarch due to a prior engagement therefore, the decision was taken to hold the meeting at the Goldthorpe Parish Hall.


Key Decision:  The Board agreed “to approve the format and content of the project application form, to enable the delivery stage of the Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment fund project to commence” 


Forward Plan Future Meetings


A discussion took place regarding the future frequency cycle of Board meetings. 


Decision:  It was agreed to retain six weekly meetings for six months and look to move to eight weekly for the following six months, face to face meetings will also be incorporated into the meeting schedule, with the first meeting of the new schedule to be arranged face to face, venue to be confirmed.



Declaration of Interest - All


Michael Bunting – Embankment



Town Investment Plan Update - Rachael Allington

Highlight Report & Risks


Rachael presented the highlight report that was circulated with the Board papers.

Copies of Plan on a page and the Forward Plan were circulated for information.


Highlight Report

We still have 6 out of 7 projects approved by DLUHC. The Business Case for Project M - Housing Retrofit which is directly linked to this project has been slightly updated to include any information from that VFM process undertaken for the Housing project. There are no material differences to the project that was presented to board on 31st May 2022.  This has now been approved by BMBC’s Capital Oversight Board and since submitted to DLUHC for Approval. We are now working with Local CLG colleagues and Analysts within DLUHC to urgently get this approved.


As presented at the last Board we are reviewing the Board Governance to ensure adherence to the latest DLUHC guidance and for suitability as we are now into Delivery phase. The next phase of this will be to circulate an Expression of Interest for Project sponsorship to ensure we have sufficient Board representation at project level. This will be circulated in March 23 and will include a request for key sectors and skills that Board members feel they can represent, which will also feed into considerations for widening membership to ensure the Board represents the diversity of the local area as per DLUHC’s guidance.


Key decisions / items for escalation to board

Overall Programme: An expression of interest exercise to ensure sufficient Project Sponsors for each project will be circulated March 23 and will include a request to show sectors and skills that Board members can represent and some equalities recording.

Project – none 


Project Updates


Project D Goldthorpe Housing

Draft Cabinet Report that will facilitate the delivery of the project is currently being prepared and will be presented to Cabinet in May 2023.  The Full Business Case for SYMCA’s Brownfield fund to address the funding gap is due to be submitted to the Capital Oversight Board 8th March 2023 for approval prior to being sent to SYMCA.


Project F Phoenix Park

Update provided in Item 5.


Project G Cultural Hub

Roofing works have commenced, to begin focusing on scope of works for phase 2 and the governance for the running of the Dearne Playhouse.

Heart of the Wood youth engagement project that will culminate in a production in December 2023 already has 3 primary schools on board as are the Thurnscoe Male Voice Choir and the lead actor/actress.

Question from Councillor Coates:  Dearne Playhouse, will the roosts for the bats be included in the new roofing works as per planning conditions?

Action: Rachael to liaise with BPS to ensure all planning conditions are adhered to.


Project H Heart of Goldthorpe

Value Engineering exercise and a repricing exercise ongoing as tenders returned are over budget.


Project K New access roundabout

Works ongoing, due to be completed in December 2023.


Project L Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund

The launch event for the Commercial Investment Fund  ...  view the full minutes text for item 370.


Project Update

Phoenix Park Deep Dive – Simon Pedley, The Land Trust


Project F Phoenix Park – Presented by Simon Pedley, The Land Trust

A copy of a presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


It was agreed that the milestones will be updated as those listed in the presentation may be out of date.


Towns Fund Team to assist The Land Trust to arrange pre-application discussions with Planning if required.


Question from Michael Bunting – How will the travel routes between areas be improved, particularly the tunnel underneath the bypass?

Response from Simon Pedley – Lighting to be added to the route between Goldthorpe & Thurnscoe in the area under The Land Trust’s control.


Action:  Rachael Allington advised that as the tunnel is a highways structure the team will liaise with the Highways Department to discuss concerns.


Questions from Chris McGinley – Will there be a private business in the hub to run the café? What will be the opening times for the hub?  Will there be cameras and or security on site as  his business backs onto the land and he would like to know how it could potentially impact on their business premises?

Response from Simon Pedley  – Business case being drafted for the hub regarding costs and turnover this will be followed by discussions with businesses to provide the café and operating times of the venue.  CCTV and remote operation of security systems to be considered.


Rachael suggested that as part of the call for additional project sponsors Chris may like to consider becoming involved in the Phoenix Park scheme To potentially be discussed outside this meeting.


Question from Michael Bunting – Will an outdoor play area be included in the plans?

Response from Simon Pedley – Yes, an outdoor play area will be included and potential designs are currently under consideration.


Comment from Councillor Coates – Antisocial behaviour issues in the area are being dealt with by the Police and Area Team however, wished to raise concerns regarding potential vandalism problems.

Response from Simon Pedley – ASB elements are being taken into consideration.


Comment from Rachael Allington – Currently liaising with Goldthorpe Police Station to patrol towns fund sites whilst works are ongoing and once completed.  Suggested inviting a police representative to join the Board to help advise on issues.


Comment from Becca Gamble – Discussions ongoing with Jack Regan, Designing Out Crime.  Recommended that The Land Trust meet with Jack to discuss options.


Councillor Coates – Seconded suggestion to speak to Jack Regan as well as agreeing that a police representative on the board would be welcomed.

Action:  The Land Trust to liaise with Jack Regan to discuss Designing Out Crime.


Action:  To consider inviting a police representative to join the Board as part of the ongoing membership review.




Communication Plan - Michael Cotton


Update provided by Mike Cotton.


Website updates have been completed to the housing project pages. 


Commercial Investment Fund, FAQs to be added to the website this week.


Heart of Goldthorpe – Once tender process resolved will release a good news story ahead of works beginning on site.


Heart of the Wood – Mike to arrange a meeting with Liane Holdsworth to discuss how Comms can assist with this.


Roundabout works – to develop a press release once works are further down the line.


Question from Rachael Allington – Dearne Playhouse drone footage has been shared on social media, could Mike contact the person who has released the footage with a potential view to use it.

Councillor Danforth advised that Erica Hart created the footage. 


Action: Mike to attempt to make contact with Erica Hart with a view to request permission to use drone footage of the Dearne Playhouse.




Government Updates - Justin Homer


No update provided as Justin Homer unable to attend.


Rachael advised that BMBC working with Justin to liaise with the appraisal team regarding housing projects.



South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Update - Rebecca Slack


Update provided by Rebecca Slack.


Arranged a tour of Goldthorpe with Sarah Cartwright as she Is new to the area.



Forward Plan - Rachael Allington


The future forward plan for agenda items was presented by Rachael.


Thursday 13th April 2023

Face to Face

Site Visit – Heart of Goldthorpe (TBC closer to the date dependent upon whether works have started on site).

Cultural Hub Deep Dive

Board Review Update

Thursday 25th May 2023


Employment Land Deep Dive

Monitoring & Evaluation Return
Update on
- Programme & Project Status
- Programme & Project progress
- Financial information
- Outputs
- Outcomes
- Risks

Board Review Recommendations

Thursday 6th July 2023


Heart of Goldthorpe Deep Dive

Business Engagement Review



Any Other Business - All

Goldthorpe Housing Projects Walking Tour 23rd March 2023 – Julie Tattershall


Julie Tattershall - Goldthorpe Housing Projects Walking Tour 23rd March 2023.  A copy of the timetable was circulated with the papers.  Please contact Julie or Lynsey Law, to register your interest in joining the walking tour.  Councillors Frost, Cain and Bellamy currently due to attend.


Julie Tattershall - Goldthorpe Housing Project – Funding agreed for one year to cover a Project Manager post.


Alison Dalton – Goldthorpe former market site works are ongoing, however, the team are struggling to link in to Goldthorpe Primary School, do any Board members have any links?


Action: Councillor Bellamy to speak directly with the Headteacher of Goldthorpe Primary School on behalf of the Towns Fund. 


Alison to email details of assistance required.  It was also agreed that Liane Holdsworth would benefit from the Councillor’s assistance with regards to making links for The Heart of the Wood project.  As Liane was not in attendance at the Board meeting, she has been contacted to provide an email to Councillor Bellamy with details of assistance required.


Rachael Allington - Update from Asset Management re: former primary school site. Conditions have been satisfied, awaiting sign off of final agreement by Lidl Board.