Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 6 October 2022 2.00 pm

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No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Apologies were received from Becky Guthrie, Gavin McMurtry, Pauline Phillips, Matthew Blackburn, Jeremy Budd, Melanie Asquith-Fowler and Justin Homer.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


The minutes were accepted as a true record.


Actions from previous meeting and matters arising:


Feedback from Sculptor Dan Jones regarding Welfare Park. 

Action: Board agreed that Dan Jones would send copies of designs to the IKIC and groups who participated in the process.  Rachael Allington to draft a letter on behalf of the Chair to be issued with slides. This action is complete, arrangements are being made to provide Dan Jones with the letter.


Employment Land Deep Dive

Action: The board were asked to consider and endorse the proposed criteria (viability gap) for the continuing development of the Commercial Investment Fund. Decision:  The Board agreed in principle to approve the development of the Commercial Investment Fund to address the viability gap but requested further involvement and oversight of the drafted application form for the Fund at a future Board meeting for sign off.

Goldthorpe Housing Project

Action: It was agreed by the Board to carry out face to face consultations including at the library / market site on market days.

Forward Plan

Action:  Board Members to consider what they would like to see included in a session for discussion at the next meeting.


Any Other Business

Query: Newlands (the proposed developer for the ES10 employment site) are currently developing scoping documents for consultation ahead of submitting a planning application.  Rachael asked whether the Board would like to invite the developer to the November meeting so that they can be consulted as part of the pre-planning application process?  Action:   The board agreed that this could be viewed as a potential conflict of interest whilst the Commercial Investment Fund is being drafted therefore, Newlands will not be invited at this time.



Declaration of Interest - All


Michael Bunting – Embankment

Claire Dawson – Embankment



Town Investment Plan Update - Rachael Allington

Highlight Report & Risks


Rachael presented the highlight report that was circulated with the Board papers.

Copies of Plan on a page and the Forward Plan were circulated for information.

Highlight Report

We still have 5 out of 7 projects approved by DLUHC. Project D - Goldthorpe Housing Project is still undergoing value for money analysis with DLUHC and

Project M - Housing Retrofit which is directly linked to this is being updated to include any information from that process that is relevant.

Projects are moving into delivery and alongside their planning, assurance and monitoring is being developed to feed directly into the next M&E return to DLUHC by 1st December 22. This information will be collated and shared with Board at the next meeting, prior to submission.


Key decisions  / items for escalation to board

No key decisions or items for escalation to board were raised at this time.

Project Updates

Project D Goldthorpe Housing

Update provided in Item 5.

Project F Phoenix Park

Grant Agreement signed by the Land Trust, once executed by BMBC this will enable the first payment to made to allow works to begin.

Project G Cultural Hub

Update provided in Item 5.

Project H Heart of Goldthorpe

Update provided in Item 5.

Project K New access roundabout

Ground stabilisation works to be tendered next month ahead of roundabout being developed later this financial year.

Project L Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund

BMBC Officers are working closely with CBRE and Sponsors to develop an application form which will be brought back to Board at a later date for discussion.

Project M Housing Retrofit

Update provided in Item 5.



Project Updates

a)    Cultural Hub Deep Dive – Liane Holdsworth

b)    Heart of Goldthorpe – Market consultation feedback – Teresa Williams

c)    Goldthorpe Housing Project Update – Julie Tattershall


Project G Cultural Hub Deep Dive – Presented by Liane Holdsworth

A copy of the presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


Comment: Andy Lock – Wished to acknowledge the hard work and enthusiasm of Liane Holdsworth for the Heart of the Wood.

With regards to the verbal agreement with CISWO, how close is this to becoming a written agreement?  Liane advised that this is being developed.


Comment: Michael Bunting – New car park on tennis courts.  Could the other car parking area, which is larger than this be developed instead, and the tennis courts developed into a play area?  Liane advised that part of the larger area will be redeveloped and the tennis courts could be used for other purposes when not in use as a car park for events.


Comment: John Healey MP – likes the range / variety of the projects and the youth engagement.  Is Dan Jones’ contribution secure despite the budget pressures?

Liane – confident that Dan’s work would meet criteria for funding from The Arts Council.  There is also a continency in the budget to cover rising costs at the playhouse.


Comment from Councillor Coates – finds the project very exciting. Advised agreements with CISWO can take a while to be signed off.


Project H Heart of Goldthorpe Market Consultation Feedback – Presented by Teresa Williams

A copy of an artist’s impression of the design was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


The design which was shared with the Board prior to the meeting was created based on feedback from consultations carried out last year.

A public consultation was held on the site on the 12th September 2022 to discuss this design which are now in the pre-application stage

Anecdotal information suggests that the public are looking forward to the new market facilities and the creation of a new place to meet.

The pub sign has been retained but is in a bad state of disrepair.  The consultants are working with local artists to design a mosaic to incorporate this.


Comment: Michael Bunting – looking forward to the changes on the site. Wished to bring to Teresa’s attention that historically the area is prone to heavy flooding.  This information has been noted for discussion with Yorkshire Water.


Comment:  Councillor Danforth – has the new surfacing been laid yet?

Teresa – investigations regarding using the temporary surface as a base for the long term works have been taking place, once resolved the works are to be scheduled in with Highways Department.


Comment:  Councillor Cain –If required, which area of the square would have a temporary roof covering for events?

Teresa – the area to the right hand side, away from the trees would be utilised.

Project M Housing Retrofit – Presented by Alison Dalton


A letter drop to residents has been completed, there has been a low response rate to the Warm Homes project.  The Housing team will develop a more robust process to generate interest from local residents  ...  view the full minutes text for item 336.


Business Engagement - Rachael Allington / Rebecca Gamble


Slides were circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


This is a follow up to the session held at the July Board with Andrew Denniff, Chamber of Commerce.  How can this be taken forward?  How can the Board encourage other stakeholders to become involved?


A discussion took place as to whether a a subcommittee should be established to discuss / organise an initial event with local businesses to discuss funding availability; where and when could the event be held? Should this be tied into the launch of the Community Investment Fund in January?


Comment: Matthew Stephens – feedback provided to query prior to the meeting.  Suggested running an event prior to the launch of the Community Investment Fund.  Willing to volunteer to be a part of the subcommittee once created.  Could local housebuilders be included in discussions as well as local businesses?

Rachael advised that a presentation regarding the Towns Fund was presented at the Housebuilder and Registered Provider Forum last week.


Comment:  Andy Lock – Business Awards Event for the Dearne area – could this be a way to engage with local businesses in the future?  This suggestion was warmly received by the Board.


Action: Rachael to create a subcommittee to meet before Christmas to discuss options to entice businesses into the Board.  To contact Andy Lock, Matthew Stephens & Chris McGinley outside the meeting to discuss a way forward. John Healey MP requested he be kept informed of developments as he is supportive of a business event and would like to attend the local event if possible.


Claire Dawson – Stall holders could be approached at the local fayres which are due to be held, dates of these events can be provided if required.


Question:  Chris McGinley – What’s in it for the Business Owner?  What would be the return on their investment?

These questions have been taken away for consideration.




Communication Plan - Michael Cotton


Michael Cotton shared slides with the Board.


ES10 and roundabout engagement exercise was carried out earlier in the summer, this included a letter drop and website update.  It has been agreed that proactive social media will start once works begin on the roundabout. 


Both the leaflet and the banner have been updated with the QR code and weblink to summarise information for the Goldthorpe Towns Board.  Both are on display at the Goldthorpe Library and the temporary market.


Yorkshire Live published an article on the alleged issues surrounding empty shops in Goldthorpe.  A statement was prepared and provided to Yorkshire Live in response to the article as BMBC were not consulted prior to the publication of the article.


Barnsley Chronicle – A positive article was published regarding the work Derek Bramham does in the community and as Chair of this Board.

Comment:  Matthew Stephens – Could the positive news stories be used to attract media to the area to counteract the bad news stories?

Michael – BMBC Officers to consider arranging a possible media day once the works have begun in the area to allow for photo opportunities.


Comment: Matthew Stephens – Are there any advertising boards in the area that could be used to promote the Goldthorpe Towns Fund?

Michael to speak to Claire Dawson outside the meeting to discuss any possible options available through the Dearne Area Team.



Government Updates - Justin Homer / Matthew Blackburn


No update available as Justin Homer was unable to attend the meeting.



South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Updates - Becky Guthrie


No update available as Becky Guthrie was unable to attend the meeting.



Forward Plan - Rachael Allington


The future forward plan for agenda items was presented by Rachael.



Thursday 17th November 2022

·         Monitoring & Evaluation Return Update

·         Housing Retrofit & Goldthorpe Housing Project Deep Dives

·         Future meetings timetable

Thursday 12th January 2023

·         Heart of Goldthorpe Deep Dive

·         Board membership / decision making

Thursday 23rd February 2023

·         Phoenix Park Deep Dive




Any Other Business - All


Rachael Allington:  The Board were advised that Liane Holdsworth has now changed departments to become the Programme Development Manager within Culture but will continue to work on the Cultural Hub and the Heart of the Wood.


Question from Matthew Stephens: Given the current financial economic crisis Is the £23m guaranteed or could it be removed / reduced?

Rachael Allington responded that Heads of Terms have been agreed with DLUHC For the Towns Fund, subject to business case approval. There are only 2 projects that are still undergoing appraisal with DLUHC.


The Chair gave thanks to the BMBC team for all their hard work on the Goldthorpe Towns Fund.