Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Tuesday 14 December 2021 2.00 pm

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No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Apologies were received from Jeremy Budd, John Healey, Rachael Allington, Sarah Cartwright and Councillor Alan Gardiner.



Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


The minutes were accepted as a true record, proposed by Councillor May Noble.


Paul Clifford advised there are no updates at present following the recent publication of the Integrated Rail Plan and further updates will be provided at future board meetings.

Youth Engagement – meeting date organised, will look for alternative dates for those who are unable to attend.




Declaration of Interest - All


·         Councillor Wendy Cain – Embankment

·         Michael Bunting – Embankment

·         Councillor May Noble – Dearne Playhouse

·         Pauline Phillips – Embankment



Reflection Time - All


Not utilised due to time constraints.



Town Investment Plan Update

Highlight Report – Paul Clifford

Risks / Financial Profile – Paul Clifford

Accelerated Project Update – Sophie Moore


Highlight Reports – Paul Clifford

Circulated with the board papers. Working towards full Cabinet approval in March 2022.

Risks /Financial Profile – Paul Clifford


The Highlight report presents the overall RAG rating for the projects is Amber (apart from the solar farm which is red, this will be discussed elsewhere in the meeting) pending full business case and cabinet approval. 





Accelerated Project Update

Short presentation provided by Paul Clifford.

Demolition works completed on the Horse & Groom public house.  Temporary Heras fencing surrounding site, to be replaced with knee rail fencing to improve the ascetic of the site until works begin on the town square.


Paul Clifford  - Proposing to move forward with accelerated delivery of design works for the town square thereby reducing the timescales for the works.


ACTION: Proposed by Councillor Danforth that this be done, Board agreed with this proposal.



Project Presentations

Projects K & L Employment Land – Suzanne Brough

Project F Phoenix Park – Liane Holdsworth / Claire Farley

Project J Solar Farm Update – Matthew Fox



Project Presentations - This item was moved up the agenda as Councillors Noble, Cain and Coates were unable to attend the full meeting, thus allowing the key decision to be made.


The following projects were presented to the board and copies of the project summaries were circulated to board members prior to the meeting:


Project K & L – Employment Land – Suzanne Brough


Questions from Councillor Noble – pedestrian path on the new roundabout, will they be to access the site from the left hand side of the A635 or onsite only?  Suzanne Brough confirmed that pedestrian access will lead up to the entrance of the site.

Has agreement been reached with the three landowners involved? Suzanne Brough confirmed that a working partnership is ongoing to allow the roundabout to be progressed.

Could consultations be held with the residents of Billingley View and the Heathergarth estate as residents are concerned about works to be carried out and potential ecological affects.  Suzanne Brough confirmed that ecology surveys are ongoing.

Timescales for training / upskilling of local people to fill the employment opportunities to be provided by the development of ES10?  Paul Clifford advised that the skills pathway and evaluation of employers to be carried out prior to the pathways for training to be developed.

Question from Michael Bunting – Can clarity be provided regarding the remediation / rehabilitation of land.  Suzanne Brough clarified the wording.

Questions from Andy Lock – Are we confident with the deliverability of this scheme?  Have the buildings to be renovated been identified as yet?  What are the timescales for the delivery of the jobs?  Paul Clifford advised that the shift towards a Property Investment Fund previously agreed by board will  help de-risk the scheme and increase viability options.  Spend to be maximised by 2025 and this could therefore see commercial property delivered with 24 months of scheme launch leading to the creation of employment opportunities in the local area

Question from Justin Homer – raised points regarding match funding and the boundary of the Goldthorpe boundary. Paul Clifford confirmed that the delivery strategy will fully reflect match funding conditions and the primary focus for the proposed PIF intervention with be the ES10 site with opportunity to bring forward other opportunities within the Towns Fund boundary.


Paul Clifford – Asked board to note that the project is still subject to a change request approval with Central Government.


ACTION: Board agreed to projects K&L being moved forward subject to confirmation from Central Government.


Project F – Phoenix Park – Liane Holdsworth

Colleagues from the Land Trust joined the meeting to observe the presentation and subsequent discussion as they are providing some of the funding towards the project.


Question from Councillor Noble – Very excited by the project.  Would like a historical room included within the cultural hub.  Very happy that catering facilities will be available for people to enjoy.

Question from Councillor Danforth – Where will the visitor hub be situated?  Liane Holdsworth confirmed that this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 261.


Community Listening - Claire Dawson


Community Listening – Craig Taylor

To circulate the presentation to the Board with the minutes from this meeting.


Paul Clifford thanked Craig Taylor for the presentation as Project Managers will be using the report as part of the evidence base for the Towns Fund Project.



Communication Plan - Michael Cotton


Conclusions of branding exercise tender – four responses received from approved agencies. 

Requested agreement for supplier 2 to be developed further and consultations to be done with the agency.


ACTION: Board agreed to move forward with discussions with supplier 2.



Government Updates - Justin Homer


Justin Homer left the meeting prior to this item, however, Government updates were discussed during the general body of the meeting.



Sheffield City Region Updates - TBC


No update provided.

ACTION: Paul Clifford, to make contact with SYMCA requesting future board representation as Jennefer Holmes no longer in post.



Forward Plan - Rachael Allington


Forward Plan – Paul Clifford


January – replacement option for the solar farm.  Acceleration for the Horse and Groom


March – working through business cases and Cabinet report.



Any Other Business - All


The Chair wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.