Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 18 November 2021 2.00 pm

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No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Apologies were received from Andy Lock, Jeremy Budd, Sophie Moore, Jennefer Holmes, Justin Homer, John Healey, John Twigg, Rachael Allington & Liane Holdsworth.



Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


The minutes were accepted as a true record, proposed by Michael Bunting, seconded by Councillor Gardiner.



Declarations of Interest - All


·         Councillor Wendy Cain – Embankment

·         Michael Bunting – Embankment

·         Councillor May Noble – Dearne Playhouse



Reflection Time - All


Councillor Coates – Disappointed that children have not been involved in the timetable.

Councillor Noble – Playhouse and Welfare Park, Embankment and Phoenix Park many conversations ongoing with young people. 

Claire Farley confirmed 11 children attended each IKIC session, engagement information provided to Michael Cotton for inclusion in communication plan.

Alison Dalton – University (LIVE) students holding consultations with primary school children.        Paul Clifford - Headmaster also invited to attend the board. Confirmed further consultations with young people to be arranged.

Claire Dawson – highlighted breadth of engagement taking place was highlighted in recent meeting noting that not all invited board members were able to attend.

ACTION: Project team to re-arrange additional engagement meeting to enable Councillor Coates to attend.



Town Investment Plan Update

Highlight Reports – Rachael Allington

Risks / Financial Profile – Paul Clifford

Accelerated Project Update – Sophie Moore


Highlight Reports – Paul Clifford

Circulated with the board papers. Working towards full Cabinet approval in February 2022.



Risks /Financial Profile – Paul Clifford


The Highlight report presents the overall RAG rating for the projects is Amber, pending full business case and cabinet approval.  The board was thanked for feedback at the last meeting in relation to the Solar Farm project. Following a further assessment of the project, this is currently considered to have a high level of risk around deliverability. Further work is being undertaken in regard to this project with a more detailed position to be presented back to board. 


Accelerated Project Update

Demolition and clearance of House and Groom site due to be completed by the 28th November.



Project Presentations

Project F Cultural Hub – Liane Holdsworth / Claire Farley

Project H Heart of Goldthorpe – Teresa Williams / Fiona O’Brien

Project D Housing – Alison Dalton / Sara Scholes

LIVE Project (relating to Housing)


The following projects were presented to the board and copies of the project summaries were circulated to board members prior to the meeting:


Project G – Cultural Hub presented by Claire Farley

This was followed by a LIVE project video on the Dearne Playhouse and Welfare Park.


Request from Councillor Noble – Can consultations take place with households facing Goldthorpe Green ahead of play equipment being installed

Query from Councillor Coates – Can more Youth Workers be funded through this scheme?

Paul Clifford - Capital not revenue funding for this scheme = limited funding opportunities.

Query from Councillor Noble – Due to anti-social behaviour issues, can CCTV be more widespread to cover the whole of Welfare Park and can the side entrance gate be replaced?


The video was very well received by the board. 

ACTION: The Chair asked that Claire & Liane pass on the Board’s thanks to the University students for their hard work and commitment to the project.

Video to be shared by Claire and Liane with a representative from the Arts Council England.



Project H – Heart of Goldthorpe presented by Teresa Williams


Query from Matthew Stephens – Will future proofing measures be installed e.g. vehicle charging points?  Teresa advised that vehicle charging points would not be included on the site as it would be pedestrianised however, they are available on the car park behind it.

ACTION: Teresa to look to include future proofing measures within the Heart of Goldthorpe project.

Query from Michael Bunting – Can CCTV coverage be increased to cover any existing blind spots? 

ACTION: Teresa to look to include enhanced CCTV coverage within the project.

Query from Councillor Noble – Demise of HS2, how with this affect Goldthorpe?  Paul Clifford advised the Government Rail Programme due to be released today – further details to follow.

Query from Councillor Coates – Safer Streets cameras, could they be added to the area?  ACTION: Paul Clifford to follow up on this with the Safer Streets Team.



Project D – Housing presented by Alison Dalton


Query from Councillor Coates – Biodiversity outputs, what will these be and how would they be monitored?  Alison advised of several options for biodiversity improvements in the area.

Query from Councillor Noble – Retrofitting of properties owned by private landlords, what would the securities be for the monies spent?  Will any profits from the sale of landlord properties be reinvested in the area?  Will any potential rental increases be capped to protect vulnerable tenants?  Alison advised that a Memorandum of Understanding would be undertaken with private landlords regarding contributions towards retrofit costs, board to be advised of costs versus benefits. 

ACTION: Alison to meet board members / work with them regarding grant agreements for private landlords.

Query from Michael Bunting – Will the wow factor be created from the external improvements?  Alison provided aspirational drawings from LIVE Architecture students as they were unable to attend the meeting this afternoon.

Query from Councillor Coates – Will the external works be done if private  ...  view the full minutes text for item 250.


Communication Plan - Mike Cotton


Branding tender to be issued tomorrow.  Board involvement will be requested once the successful company has been appointed.


Michael shared a fly through video from Deadline Digital with the board.  This will be developed as a legacy as projects progress following the branding exercise.



Government Updates - Justin Homer



Sheffield City Region Updates - Jennefer Holmes


No update provided.

ACTION: Paul Clifford, to make contact with SYMCA requesting future board representation as Jennefer Holmes no longer in post.



Forward Plan - Rachael Allington


Three remaining projects to be presented at the next board, these are:


Project D – Employment Land

Project F - Phoenix Park

Project J – Solar PV Farm


Any Other Business - All

LIVE Project Video Dearne Playhouse & WP – Claire Farley

Plan On A Page


Meeting 16th December to be moved as Councillors unable to attend.

ACTION: Lynsey Law to look at alternative dates and advise the board accordingly.


Plan on a page - Rebecca Gamble

Rebecca shared a document with the board.  This will be circulated to the board with the minutes following the meeting for comments to be fed back directly to Rebecca.