Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 16 September 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Elizabeth Steel / Jess Whiting 

No. Item


Apologies - Chair


Sarah Cartwright, Councillor May Noble, Claire Dawson, Councillor Neil Danforth, Pauline Phillips, John Healey MP, Jeremy Budd, John Twigg and Councillor Gollick.



Minutes from the Previous Meeting - Chair


Proposed by Michael Bunting, Seconded by Councillor Gardiner – accepted as a true record.

Matters arising – none


Letter of resignation from the Board received from Allan Joyce. A response has been sent on behalf of the Board thanking him for his contribution to date and wishing him good luck for the future.





Declaration of Interest - All


Michael Bunting – Embankment

Project C – Andy Lock



Town Plan Update - Rachael Allington


Update provided by Rachael Allington.

·         Programme Manager Role established – Rebecca Gamble transitioning to role over the next few weeks.

·         Economic Consultancy Support – requested from 49 companies, 2 responses, preferred Consultant agreed, details to follow at next Board.

·         Rachael & Rebecca working together to create project management support process and the dissemination of information to all.



Accelerated Project Update - Sophie Moore


Update provided by Sophie

·         Demolition of Horse & Groom approved at Planning Board this week.

·         Tenders received for demolition within budget

·         11th October start onsite with preferred contractor



TIP Project Development including risks and financial profile - Rachael Allington


Update provided by Paul Clifford.

·         Slides were shared with the Board.

·         Aspiration for a standard finance update to be provided by the Finance team going forward.

·         To maximise spending this year where possible.

·         Robust audit trail for all projects to be brought back to Board.

·         Housing monies to be spread into future years

·         Phoenix Park monies to be spread over future years

·         Cultural Hub spending to be accelerated in this financial year to enable survey and redesign works to begin on the theatre.

·         Place Based Investment Strategy



Highlight Report

Rachael Allington shared screen and updated on the projects.

The report has been updated by all Project Managers ahead of the Board meeting. Overall programme rated as Amber as all business cases pending full approval

Project headlines :

·         Projects A-C (Employment) Update on proposed revisions to projects, to be provided to MHCLG & to Town Board The proposed project revisions that are being developed will require Board and MHCLG endorsement.

·         Project D (Housing)Planning application for market site being submitted Oct 2021. Demolition of market building/hardstanding Nov 2021..

·         Project F (Phoenix Park)– Draft business case being prepared in line with the TIP but also reflecting evolving project details and delivery mechanisms

·         Project G (Community & Cultural Hub)_– exploring opportunities to bring forward spend in this financial year to utilise the 5% funding released from MHCLG

·         Project H (Heart of Goldthorpe)  Consultation still live to enable engagement with schools, due to close 19/9/21, this will feed into business case options for delivery.

·         Project J (Solar Farm) – business case development ongoing


Overall programme rated amber as full business cases not approved yet.

·         Format of highlight report accepted by the Board.



Key Decisions required from the Board:

  • Board to confirm they are happy for the project team to prepare and submit revised spend profile to MHCLG (item 6 on agenda 16/09/2021)




Deep Dive - High Street Project - Fiona O'Brien & Teresa Williams


Deep Dive – High Street Project (Project H – The Heart of Goldthorpe)

A presentation was provided by Teresa Williams

Proposed works to include:

·         Public Realm improvements – including tactile crossings and widening pavements

·         Active Travel

·         Town Square / Events space

·         Way Finding (in conjunction with Project G)

·         Potential pop up market stalls in conjunction with the Markets Team


·         Public Consultation on going, with 205 responses received to date, survey closing on Sunday 19th September 


·         Next steps – to continue developing business case, design task and finish group to be considered.  Feasibility study scope discussions ongoing.

Feasibility works proposed to begin early in the next financial year.


Thoughts / Questions

·         Councillor Gardiner advised that Goldthorpe High Street shops close on Saturday afternoons, any events to be held in the morning to maximise attendance.


·         Could a café culture expansion onto the pavement help to change the dynamic of the high street through increased footfall on Saturday afternoons?  To be considered within the feasibility study.




Discover Dearne - Liane Holdsworth


A presentation was provided by Liane Holdsworth on the legacy of the Discover Dearne project (Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership – five year lottery programme based at Elsecar Heritage Centre 2014 -19) and the linkages with the work being undertaken as part of the Town Investment Plan.

Works ongoing throughout the pandemic including:

Facilitated COVID grants

·         Artist in Lockdown Project

·         The Backyard Club

·         Worsbrough Wet Woodland Project

·         Ten Thousand Trees

·         Tiny Forest Project

·         Old Orchard Scheme (land behind the High School)

·         Public Art / Public Realm


Next Steps: To continue to grow the legacy of the project through the Cultural Hub project to renovate and redevelop the Dearne Playhouse and Welfare Park facilities.


To attempt to engage with the ‘unheard voices’ in the area as well as schools, youth clubs and community groups.



Employment Land Position Statement Presentation - Suzanne Brough


A presentation was provided by Suzanne Brough

As mentioned at the last Board meeting, challenges exist in relation to the original delivery of the employment projects. 


Proposal to revise Projects A, B and C into two work packages to aid viability and site constraint issues on the employment land site:

·         Work package 1 to deliver the highway infrastructure required to provide access into the  ES10 site

Work package 2 , the development of a Towns Fund focused Property Investment Fund– where funds would be available to address development viability gaps to facilitate creation of new or refurbished commercial floorspace leading to job creation.

 A discussion followed the presentation and the key decision was confirmed.


KEY DECISION Board confirmed that they are happy to support the alternative proposal for the Employment based project presented by Paul Clifford and Suzanne Brough (item 9 on agenda 16/09/2021)




Business Case Approval Timescales - Rachael Allington


An update was provided by Rachael Allington.

The full business cases are required to be endorsed by the Towns Board prior to feeding into the Barnsley Council Cabinet approval process.

It has been agreed that once all the business cases have been approved by the Towns Board, a single report will be prepared to update cabinet. This will be included on the Councils Forward Plan and is likely to take place at the 23rd February 2022 Cabinet Meeting, which is the latest approval date to meet the March 2022 MHCLG submission of business case summaries deadline.



Communication Plan and Branding - Michael Cotton


An update was provided by Michael Cotton.

Copper Consulting on behalf of MHCLG hosted a ’branding’ session on Tuesday 14th September – Michael presented slides to the Board to update board.


It was agreed that a working Group would be established to create a brief to share with the experts in the market for a new branding identity for the Dearne (Goldthorpe / Thurnscoe / Bolton Upon Dearne) not just a project to benefit Goldthorpe.




Government Updates - Justin Homer


Update provided by Justin Homer.

MHCLG – Town Deal Financial Implications update and potential project change requests.

MHCLG – 5% standardised amount to be released upfront to all Town Deal recipients.

MHCLG - Monitoring and Evaluation plan required, standardised matrix.



Sheffield City Region Updates - Jennefer Holmes


Update not available.


Forward Plan - Rachael Allington


Update provided by Rachael Allington

·         Solar Farm Deep Dive next month – Matthew Fox.

November onwards Business Case Presentations for endorsement by the Towns Board.


Any Other Business - All


·         Discussions ongoing between Paul Clifford and Andrew Deniff at the Chamber of Commerce.  Paul to provide an update at the next meeting.


·         Skills audit – please consider completing ahead of the Board Development meeting 7th October.


·         Meetings on six weekly cycle from January 2022. To discuss potentially returning to face to face meetings following this date.



Date & Time of next meeting - 14th October 2021 2-4pm