Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 17 June 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Elizabeth Steel / Jess Whiting 

No. Item



Speaker: Chair


Allan Joyce, Jennefer Holmes, Elizabeth Steel, Sarah Cartwright, John Hays, Cllr May Noble, Cllr Alan Gardiner, Maria Cotton 


The Chair welcomed Marcella Hague to the meeting.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Speaker: Chair


Proposed by Cllr Danforth, seconded by Michael Bunting.


Matters Arising out of Minutes



Actions from the Previous Meeting

An action for Elizabeth was to send out the paperwork to the new Councillors and to Pauline. Some of these have been returned to Elizabeth. Tracey, Chris and Maria have also been invited for an update later on in the meeting.


An action to Paul was to investigate the status of the development of the school site as mentioned in the previous meeting. It was advised that the sale of the site is progressing and undergoing the due diligence required with contractor and contracts. The sale has not gone through but is close to agreeing the terms to be able to progress the development.


Declaration of Interest

Speaker: All


3 Declaration of Interest

·         Michael Bunting – Railway Embankment

·         Claire Dawson – Railway Embankment

·         Andy Lock - Project C

·         Pauline Phillips – Railway Embankment


Town Plan Update

Speaker: Paul Clifford


At the last board it was mentioned that the team were working towards the submission of the project summary documentation and monitoring evaluation templates to MHCLG on 24th May. These were submitted on time and a response was received to ask for more clarification on some points.


The clarification was due to the projects being grouped together, so the three employment projects were grouped into one single summary. The request was to separate into three projects which has now been done.


An internal review has been done to look at reducing the funding amount from the employment land allocation to get back under the £23.1M window. The revised templates went back in yesterday (16/06/2021), so we are awaiting further points of clarification, but confident we have discharged this.


The main focus from this point is to develop the business cases. Project managers are working on these. Some projects are less complicated than others and will move quicker, but without the approval in place we can’t draw down resources, so it is a top priority to get these developed.


At the last board meeting, it was mentioned that now is the opportunity to use the board to inform and shape projects, and it was agreed to have a deep dive item at each board to explore the projects in more detail. Liane and Claire have been invited to this meeting to talk through the Culture Hub project.


It was also discussed to review the board members now that the main milestones have been reached. As we start moving to the delivery stage, it will be appropriate to review the board and make sure we're strong when moving forward. Elizabeth has reached out to members to review.


Accelerated Funding- Horse & Groom

Speaker: Sophie Moore / Teresa Williams & Fiona O’Brien


The majority of funding for the accelerated projects has been spent, but the remaining item is to progress the demolition of the Horse and Groom. We have been working with Property Services, Barnsley Council’s internal property team, to look at getting a demolition contractor on board.


We need to work through planning permission around the demolition and have reached out to colleagues in planning to get this in place. This should be able to progress in September. Teresa and Fiona from Principal Towns have been invited to this meeting to discuss the consultation about how we can celebrate the heritage of the Horse and Groom at the site, and get input from residents, businesses and groups.


Teresa shared a draft of the consultation with the board. The short consultation aims to collate ideas of what residents, businesses, and groups would like to see as part of the development. There is a short opening paragraph to describe the state of the building and that it will be developed, and the consultation includes a concept drawing to show what it could look like. Below this are a few questions with one-choice options, and open questions to ask how we can celebrate heritage and include history.


The consultation is to be shared on social media using different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and on email, and posted physically with posters and sharing in the library. This will be published for a week or two online once approved, though longer with the paper surveys to give people longer to fill them in and get them back to us. Claire also mentioned that the Ward Alliance have a notice board where posters and the consultation can be shown.


There are some CCTV cameras already that have been put up through Principal Towns that do cover the High Street and square and embankment which are all linked up, so this isn't needed.


Local events can be utilised to raise awareness about what is happening with the town and the site.


It was raised that it would be good to have a few examples and ideas of what could happen on the site, rather than having one example so that people are aware this isn't what we're definitely having, but what could be. We will also need to be clear about how we will use this information. More images should be put in to show how the building looks at the moment.


Ex-Primary School Site (High Street / Doncaster Rd) Update

Speaker: Rachael Allington


Rachael gave an update above in Item 2.


Town Board Sub-group and Business Forum

Speaker: Claire Dawson




TIP Project Development: Project Deep Dive - The Community and Cultural Hub

Speaker: Liane Holdsworth / Claire Farley


As mentioned, the board would like to start looking at individual projects in more detail to get the board’s input. Liane and Claire are leading on the Community and Cultural Hub, so are here to give an update.


Liane shared a presentation to the board.


The team started off by working on the Tiny Forest project, a community science project for Goldthorpe. The 30th June is the first community monitoring day where the team will learn how to monitor the growth of the forest, the science behind the forest, and how it will help the environment.


The team are responsible for the development of the Hub, including the refurbishment of the Dearne Playhouse. The allocation is just over £3M for the project and is centred around the Dearne  Playhouse and the Welfare Park which is across from the Playhouse and across the road from the Tiny Forest.


Discussions have been held to look at the reality of the project. Meeting have been held with the manager of the Playhouse, and we have engaged with the Dearne Area Team, Asset Management Team, Early Intervention and Prevention Youth Team because of the IKIC centre, the Arts Council and the Town Centre Events Team to gain knowledge about outdoor events.


The team would like to talk to the Youth Council and facilities on site such as the lift building, football and cricket group, and CISWO. The team would also like a more detailed conversation with the Arts Council, and would like to engage with the Playhouse board, and consult with the wider community and the audiences we feel we should be engaging with. The team are also looking to deliver in partnership with a number of groups, some mentioned above, including Sheffield University Live Projects who can provide young architects.


Building on the idea, the team would like to work directly with young people in area and find out how to engage better. One idea for this is 'the basement of opportunities' in the unused basement in the playhouse as this is a perfect place for refurbishment for a digital and creative hub for young people.


One point was to make sure we're working with children and young people from the Dearne if they're not involved with the youth councils and IKIC centre etc., such as going to schools and engaging with schools. We are hoping to get the resource funding to bring in a young person liaison officer style role to target children and young people specifically.


The priority from this submission is to make the building safe and better for all works going on there now and then develop outdoor space to make this the catalyst for more events, more funding opportunities etc.



Speaker: Mike Cotton


A presentation was shown to the board to explain the Communications Plan, including the objectives and stakeholders, media coverage so far, and next steps including consultation and presentation of accelerated projects.


The slideshow will be shared with members of the board following the meeting for information, as well as the Communication Plan.


Some board members agreed to work offline to further discuss the engagement.


Government Updates

Speaker: Justin Homer


Project confirmations are back in to government. A few queries were raised but these have been answered and have been resubmitted. There will be some cross referencing with the original submission to make sure that the lower offer is reasonable. This will be approximately a two-week turnaround.


There is a 12-month period from the point of agreement of Heads of Terms to provide the Business Case Summary documentation. A Business Case Summary is required for every project. Any projects that move more quickly can come in quicker than the 12 months and will set out more developed financial profile for each project. Will be working closely with the team for these. The Town Deal Delivery Partner (National Consultancy Service) is still in place until the Autumn to give support around stage 2 of the business case delivery and is open to support all town board members.


Sheffield City Region Updates

Speaker: Jennefer Holmes


No current update.


Project Governance and Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


There are currently no further updates to give on governance issues, apart from reiterating to chase the outstanding board membership paperwork.


Issues, Risks and Decisions

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


There is no specific reporting further to the last meeting. The Board is to note that the detailed project risk registers will be developed as part of the full business case with project managers.


Forward Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


It was mentioned in terms of the last board meeting to look at deep dives of individual projects and bring one project per meeting for a more detailed look. A thanks was given to Liane for the Cultural Hub presentation earlier in the meeting.  The July meeting will cover the Phoenix Park Project for a deep dive.


The July meeting will also give an update on the Community Safety Funding. The draft Housing Masterplan is also to be brought to future meeting for discussion and update on consultation events regarding housing masterplan from Sarah cartwright.


Michael raised that Goldthorpe could be enhanced if the backings of older properties were to be worked on and revitalised, some of the same comments have come from other residents. This will be looked at and discussed in the masterplanning update.


AOB: Market Update

Speaker: Maria Cotton / Chris Savage (BMBC)


Chris, from the Markets Team, showed a presentation to the board.


The old market site has been cleared and handed over to colleagues in Housing for the housing development. The sole remaining trader on the site is still selling from his premises but is interested in returning to the market when possible. There has been interest generated already for the relaunch of the market.


The Markets team have liaised with colleagues in Highways and Traffic Management to test the new market layout. Market gazebos have been purchased and statutory work is underway to plan the locations for the anchor points. Anchor points can be customised so any ideas for branding and logos on these are welcome from the board.


A proposed new layout for the market site was shown on the presentation, which was revised to enable car access for traders. There has been an interest from a variety of different and unique market traders, but more are being encouraged to come forward.


Yorkshire water have agreed anchor point locations, but the next steps are to consult with electric and gas providers and obtain quotes for anchor point installations. Market traders are hoping to be on site by September.  


A point was made by the Board to be mindful of the existing businesses and to not draw custom away from those. The Markets Team are very mindful of this and will keep this in mind when looking at market trader types. The Goldthorpe Development Group would be interested in helping alongside any Christmas events and markets as this was something they did previously.


AOB: Active Travel 'Quiet Streets': Update on Planned Routes

Tracey Brewer (BMBC)


A presentation was shown to the board.


The presentation covered proposals for the Goldthorpe Quiet Neighbourhood Streets including traffic calmed streets, and school street between school drop off and pick up times, pocket parks, crossing facilities, green infrastructure such as tree planting, street lighting and litter bins, pavements, speed limits, and walking busses for schools.


The presentation also covered locations and proposed routes for the 'Quiet Neighbourhood' streets, crossings, school walking routes and pocket parks.


More information was shared around pocket parks, looking at areas to involve the community and put in green spaces for pocket parks. The parks encourage a greater use of active travel and put communities at the heart of everything we do. Potential green space areas looked neglected, so can be revitalised to strengthen the Goldthorpe community. An example of an existing pocket park was shown to the board.


The presentation covered linking Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe Stations, and improvements to these routes. Engagement and discussions are being held regarding the above plans.


It was mentioned by a guest of the meeting that Discover Dearne have a commission for tree planting, so pocket parks could be appropriate to link up with for these.


A discussion was held about speeding on some of the proposed streets, and measures to reduce speeding. A further discussion will be held outside of the meeting to discuss this further between Stuart B, Michael B, and any other board member interested in the discussion.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 314 KB

Speaker: All




Meeting closed at 15:56

Next meeting Thursday 15th July at 2pm.