Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 18 March 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Elizabeth Steel / Jessica Whiting 

No. Item



Speaker: Chair


Councillor Alan Gardiner, John Twigg, Sarah Cartwright, Allan Joyce, Jennefer Holmes, John Healey MP


Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Speaker: Chair


The minutes were proposed as a true record by Cllr May Noble, seconded by Cllr Neil Danforth. No matters arising from the previous minutes.


Declaration of Interest

Speaker: All


·         Cllr May Noble - Trustee for the Dearne Playhouse

·         Andy Lock - Project C

·         Michael Bunting – Goldthorpe Railway Embankment Group

·         Claire Dawson – Goldthorpe Railway Embankment Group


Town Plan Update

Speaker: Paul Clifford


The original bid was submitted for £30m. MHCLG are willing to support projects whereby the maximum amount for each project totals £29.2m. The funding envelope awarded was £23.1m, leaving a shortfall of £6.1m. 


The Board agreed that aiming higher was the right approach.


Key challenges:

·         The £6.1m shortfall is the main challenge raised.

·         Three Possible Options:

o   To not deliver the lower of the previously ranked schemes.

o   To look at a pro-rata split. Reducing all projects financial ask by approx. 21% would increase the risk of deliverability.

o   To look at one or two projects to reduce scope/scale of, or to look at alternative funding streams for these projects.


The board thoroughly discussed the options, including the approach to reducing the scale of some schemes. The third option was preferred by the board, but a more detailed update on project clarifications is to be brought to the next meeting for further discussion.


The presentation will be circulated to the board after the meeting.


·         Action: Paul to bring a more detailed update to the next meeting regarding project clarification.



Accelerated Funding

Speaker: Sophie Moore


·         Building acquisition: The purchase of the building is now complete, with pre-demolition works to begin. A demolition strategy is also being worked on.

·         Tiny Forest: Planting works begin w/c 22nd March at the Brickyard Ponds site.

·         Railway Embankment: Works are ongoing with the resurfacing. CCTV is now installed.

·         Goldthorpe Market: An update will be given in ‘Any Other Business’ by the BMBC Markets team.

·         Phoenix Park: An update will be given in ‘Any Other Business’ by The Land Trust and The Conservation Volunteers.  


Town Board Sub Group and Business Forum

Speaker: Claire Dawson


A mapping exercise with local businesses has taken place and a letter was sent to all businesses. Only one response was received from an interested business. Lack of returns may be due to businesses currently being closed, so owners may not have received the letters if not at the premises. A member of staff is to be provided to carry out face-to-face consultation when possible. Further discussions and correspondence are being organised.


TIP Project Development

Speaker: Project Sponsors / All


The Project Appraisal Framework is still working its way through the process. The business case template document is currently being worked on to combine the Internal Capital Oversight Board business case template with elements from SCR and MHCLG templates to make a suitably robust system to put projects through.


The final draft of this document should be ready for next week, so one project will be run through as a test. If workable, the business case template will be presented to board and approved, then fed to the Capital Oversight Board.


Government Updates

Speaker: Paul Clifford


Heads of Terms should be agreed, with a response required by 24th March. Following agreement, there will be a 2 month period for a more detailed response, then up to 12 months for project business cases to be sent. A summary document is then presented back to MHCLG and funding is released.


Sheffield City Region Updates

Speaker: Jennefer Holmes


No update from SCR.


Project Governance and Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


All board member profiles are ready and published online. Only one outstanding. Thanks was given to board for supplying member profiles.


Issues, Risks and Decisions

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


As discussed earlier, the shortfall is a challenge. The board is to look at how we manage the process and how this affects projects.


Forward Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


·         The board is to sign and return heads of terms by 24th March.

o   A vote was given for Chair to sign the Heads of Terms to return for the deadline given.

·         Following the submission of the signed Heads of Terms, there is a two-month period to work up and prepare the Project Confirmation template for each project.

·         Following the two-month period, there are then twelve months to work up and approve business cases and submit the Project Summary Document for each project to MHCLG.

·         Sheffield City Region are to give an overview of the Economic Blueprint to explain how SCR can support the wider investment in Goldthorpe.


Any Other Business

Speaker: All


AOB: Market Update

Speaker: Maria Cotton & Chris Savage


The former market site is now fully cleared. A suggestion for the new market site has been made to look at an alternative site. Potential alternative sites for gazebos was discussed by the board.


The board thoroughly discussed the alternative site. Plans are to be sent with the minutes for viewing and further clarification.


·         Action: Maria to bring images and plans to the next meeting for a further update.


AOB: The Land Trust and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) - Overview of Phoenix Park pdf icon PDF 12 MB

The Land Trust?and?The Conservation Volunteers?(TCV): Overview of Phoenix Park and what they hope to achieve via the investment plan project and an update on accelerated works.


Speaker: Ian Kendall & Leon Hayward


Link to the digital version of the attached document:


The Land Trust is a land management charity. Their vision is to seek long-term sustainable solutions for managing open spaces, with the idea of making the spaces high quality so that both communities and the environment can benefit. The Land Trust acquired Phoenix Park in 2005, and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) provide daily management of Phoenix Park.


A presentation was shown to the board from The Land Trust and TCV.


The site has a management plan which has created some ideas for the park that were shared and discussed with the board. Proposals included accessibility improvements, active play and facilities and were positively received.


AOB: Big Local Thurnscoe - The Community Plaza

Speaker: Alison Vint - Development Worker, Big Local Thurnscoe


Big Local is an initiative set up by the Government to assist deprived areas. There are currently 150 Big Locals throughout the country, funded by the National Lottery. The Dearne area has two Big Locals: Thurnscoe, and Goldthorpe & Bolton on Dearne.


Big Local Thurnscoe will be developing the Thurnscoe Community Plaza. The initial need for the plaza was identified through various community events over a number of years. Extensive consultation was done which developed the idea of the community plaza. The design was created, and areas considered, with a section of the sports ground agreed on as the area for development. The plaza will be in addition to the sports ground, adding to the current facilities.


Partnership working was emphasised as a playing a vital role in the development of the Plaza.


A visual mock-up of the plaza was presented to the board and was positively received.


AOB: Summary, Actions & Glossary pdf icon PDF 313 KB


We are working on the engagement which will be brought back to the board at a later date. Accelerated projects will be actively promoted. As the business cases are developed, depending on the nature of the project, engagement will be made for feedback from the community as we move along.


The Chair thanked The Conservation Volunteers, The Land Trust, and the Big Local guests for their attendance.


Summary of Actions:

·         Paul to bring a more detailed update to the next meeting regarding project clarification.

·         Maria to bring images and plans to the next meeting for a further update.


A glossary is attached for reading.