Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 21 January 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Elizabeth Steel / Jessica Whiting 

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Welcome to Chief Executive, BMBC, and Service Director for Regeneration & Culture

Speaker: Chair


A welcome was given to the Chief Executive for Barnsley Council, and the Service Director for Regeneration & Culture.


A welcome was also given to Jeremy Budd, NHS CCG, who is to join as a new board member.



Speaker: Chair


Apologies were given from Jennefer Holmes, Allan Joyce, Justin Homer, Sarah Cartwright and Elizabeth Steel.


Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Speaker: Chair


Minutes of last meeting from 17th December 2020 were proposed by Cllr Alan Gardiner, seconded by Cllr May Noble, and approved as true record.


There were no matters arising from the minutes.


Declaration of Interest

Speaker: All


The board were requested to declare any conflicts of interest.

Claire Dawson and Michael Bunting declared a conflict of interest for the Embankment Project.

Cllr May Noble declared a conflict as the Trustee of Dearne Playhouse.

Jeremy Budd declared a conflict of interest with the ES10 Project C.


Town Plan Update

Speaker: Paul Clifford


The Town Investment Plan was submitted in line with central government timescales. The TIP is now with MHCLG and is awaiting a response from central government. More preparatory works ongoing in background which is covered under items 7 and 8.


Accelerated Funding

Speaker: Sophie Moore


Strategic Acquisition: The acquisition process is currently in progress. A site visit is scheduled to view the building and review its security.


Tiny Forest/Community Orchard: The Brickyards Pond site has been selected for the community orchard/tiny forest project. A site visit with Earthwatch is scheduled for a site assessment.


Embankment: Works are ongoing. Tender responses received for resurfacing with contractor to be appointed next week.


Strategic Demolition of the market: Stalls have been purchased with the view to move market on High St. Clearance of the existing site is being organised. It was emphasised that the market offer will be complementary to the businesses in Goldthorpe.


Green Active Travel Route: Quotes have been received for the works so this will be started in the upcoming weeks.


More updates to be given at next board meeting, along with a discussion on securing funding for upcoming financial year.


Town Board Sub-Group and Business Forum

Speaker: Claire Dawson


No progress made at the moment due to COVID restrictions.

Commerce was linked in with businesses. Due to business types, many have had to close due to lockdown. Support has been given to businesses from Community Development Officers and Neighbourhood Engagement Officers, but unsure if chasing businesses regarding the Sub Group at this time is the best option given the current situation.


If we're happy to pause this project until easing of restrictions is in place when businesses can reopen. It was suggested that this should be paused until easing of restrictions is in place when businesses can reopen, with a letter to be sent to businesses to let them know that contact will be made after.



TIP Project Development

Speaker: Paul Clifford


The TIP was submitted to central government. Preparatory is taking place while awaiting feedback, including a composite evidence base to the challenges that may be raised due to being over £25M window.


Preparations for the business cases around the governance and approval process are being made, and we are working with the Wider South Yorkshire Group to share experience and best practice with other authorities also submitting bids.


Project Sponsors are to give support and help with challenges. All projects have a sponsor now, except for ‘Project B: Enabling Infrastructure for Employment’. Project sponsor meetings to start in the near future before a response is given from central government to prepare for any challenges.



Government Updates

Speaker: Paul Clifford


2A TIPS are being circulated within Central Government to give opportunity for feedback. Feedback from these are expected in the next 2-4 weeks, though we have no clear timescales for response.


Sheffield City Region Updates

Speaker: Jennefer Holmes


Sheffield City Region identified Goldthorpe as regional growth priority, and are looking to make an economic blueprint, opening doors for accessing regional funding. The first draft of the blueprint was sent through with feedback given. A revised copy is due in time for the next board meeting to be discussed by board members.


Project Governance and Plan

Speaker: Rachael Allington


Some board member profiles for the Goldthorpe Town Deal web page are outstanding  and required as soon as possible. Members can request help if required.


A process map has been drafted to outline the appraisal and approval process of projects.


A Strategic Outline business case and an Outlined business case are being looked at. The information to be submitted in the TIP 2 will be used for the Strategic Outline Business Case and Outline Business Case as all information has already been submitted to central government in the TIP. Subject to the TIP being approved, the projects included in TIP 2 will be able to move forward to the full business case stage. The business cases are in the final draft stage so will be brought to the next Town Board to be discussed and signed off.


This is a staged process that will continue through each stage, reviewing any not progressed. Once the business case is signed off, an internal processes will be started. Projects will be inputted into DMT & SMT which is a standard process to check and challenge.


The Board discussed and were all in agreement and approved the above procedure.


Issues, Risks and Decisions

Speaker: Rachael Allington


We are awaiting a scrutiny session from MHCLG as the TIP was submitted at over £25M. May be offered feedback and an option to revise the TIP. Project business cases may need to be revised to decide which projects are taken forward if a reduced budget is given.


The Accelerated Funding spend is to be achieved by the end of the financial year to make sure this is taken forward.


Forward Plan

Speaker: Rachael Allington


We are preparing for the challenge session and are in the process of moving forward to look at the business case approval process.


At the next meeting, the Economic Development Officer (BMBC) is to give an update on the Shaping Places Fund.


At the March meeting, we are to invite Land Trust and conservation volunteers to give update on work taking place at Phoenix Park. We are to look at including accelerated funding in the Towns Funds bid.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 308 KB

Speaker: All

Additional documents:


A new report has been released in partnership with Industrial Communities Alliance, providing an evidence base of the impact of COVID-19 in older industrial communities, including coalfields. A copy of this document is attached. 


The Chief Executive welcomed feedback on how the current process is working and on the involvement of communities within the Board to see if this is a good approach to use in other areas. Board members provided positive feedback of the process and community involvement, with a look to involving younger people at the consultation stage.


·         ACTION: An action was requested to add a glossary sheet to the minutes and/or Goldthorpe Town Deal Board Web Page.



Parkway Station, Goldthorpe - An Overview of Proposals

Time: 15:40

Speaker: Tim Wood, NPR Director / Emma Clarke, Transport for North


A presentation was shown to the Board from Transport for the North, which was discussed thoroughly by the board. Details of the presentation are omitted from the minutes due to confidentiality at this stage of the project.