Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday, 22nd October, 2020 2.00 pm app available
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Contact: Elizabeth Steel / Jessica Whiting 

No. Item



Speaker: Chair


Laura Fairbank, Gavin McMurtry, John Healey MP, Andy Lock, Alan Joyce, Sarah Cartwright, Jennefer Holmes, Rachael Allington.



Chair Update


The Chair welcomed Billy Murray (Dearne Valley Group Practice, NHS)


Minutes from the Previous Meeting


Proposed by Cllr Alan Gardiner.

No matters arising from minutes.


Declaration of Interest

Speaker: All


It's important that we all complete the DOI form and return to Elizabeth. Any issues can be raised with Elizabeth. It is a requirement and must be done.


Town Plan Update: Accelerated Funding

Speaker: Paul Clifford / Sophie Moore


£500,000 was awarded by the government last month to deliver a number of schemes where spend must be completed by 31st March 2021.


Strategic acquisition of key buildings on the high street is a priority.  In priority order this includes Horse & Groom, with other options being considered including the potential former Co-op building and the building across from Goldthorpe Primary School,  to ensure that the accelerated funding is be spent before the end of March 2021.


As part of the wider Towns Investment Plan Compulsory purchase order powers will be considered to acquire future strategic development opportunities.


The accelerated funding programme also includes:


·         The green active travel route (working with Land Trust for Phoenix Park)

·         Relocation of the market on to the High Street.

·         Embankment Project.

·         Community Orchard (Tiny Forest are a national organisation keen to work in partnership to deliver this scheme)


Cohort Update

The meeting was informed that the Government have introduced an additional submission date. The new Cohort 2A has a submission date of 11th December. It was agreed that the TIP would be submitted in Cohort 2 which would enable the TIP to be finalised in more detail, to include a prioritised project list with clearly defined project list including costing and phases, clear outcomes/ outputs.




Update on Town Investment Plan

Speaker: Arcadis


A draft version of the Town Investment Plan (TIP)  was circulated a few weeks ago. A revised version will be circulated to members of the board after the meeting for review and feedback.


Given that there is a varying level of project development at the moment the TIP ask is substantially over £25m.  There are potentially two options are available:


·         Option 1 to prioritise handful of projects within £25m window and submit them for the investment plan.

·         Option 2 acknowledge the need to commence the delivery  of all the proposed projects, however these need to be broken down them into phases,  with a commitment to seeking to secure additional funding opportunities in the future to fully complete the projects.


Decision required from Board


I.         The Town Deal Board voted to moving the TIP submission Cohort 2A, with a submission date of 11th December.

II.       The Town Deal Board voted to proceed with option 2 in terms of TIP projects, which is to proceed with  the delivery  of all the proposed projects, however these need to be broken down them into phases,  with a commitment to seeking to secure additional funding opportunities in the future to fully complete the projects.



Town Board Sub Group and Business Forum

Speaker: Claire Dawson


The Town Board recognise the importance of engaging with businesses in the area.  A Sub-Group comprising of  Derek Bramham, Cllr May Noble, Andy Lock, Matthew Stephens, Jess Whiting, and Elizabeth Steel met initially to discuss Goldthorpe’s future plans, a unique proposition for Goldthorpe, and to review the prioritised projects.


The Board were happy to move forward with the plans.



#MyTown Update

Speaker: Paul Clifford


An update on the wider community consultation was given previously. #MyTown is an online portal, a key vehicle for engaging with residents. There has not been much interaction since the last board meeting.



Government Updates


Nothing additional to Cohort discussed earlier.


Sheffield City Region Updates

Speaker: Jennefer Holmes


Goldthorpe has been identified as a strategic growth cluster, so Sheffield City Region are developing a high level  economic blueprint to link in with the investment plan. This will help towards securing additional funding and will be shared with the Board at a future meeting.


Progress on rail station project. A project board is being set up to look at developing the Rail Station business case. Updates to be brought to future meeting.



Project Governance and Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


A profile is required for each member on the committee page. Only a paragraph and a photograph if possible is required.


Issues, Risks and Decisions

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel




Forward Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


The next meeting is to have a spokesperson from Openreach to give an overview of the full fibre plan for Goldthorpe.


Any Other Business

Speaker: All


The Openreach programme in Goldthorpe is rolling out of full fibre to link to TIP. They are to join the next meeting. Nationally they are recruiting 100 apprentice engineers which is a good opportunity to link in with or promote.


Update on Goldthorpe M1 J36 A6195/A635 Economic Growth Corridor

Speaker: Suzanne Brough


Suzanne Brough presented an update to board regarding the delivery of the Sheffield City Region funded highway improvements that are currently being delivered along the A6195/A635. This scheme is Phase 2 of the highways improvement schemes that were completed in the vicinity of the A61 Birdwell Roundabout at M1 Junction 36 to facilitate the local plan allocated housing and employment sites along the corridor. 


The highway works currently being delivered  on the A6195/A635 Cathill, Wath Road and Hollygrove roundabouts will provide highway capacity to facilitate the development of employment site ES10 as allocated in Barnsley’s adopted local plan 2019.


The development of the ES10 employment site is also an opportunity to look at the 2045 carbon agenda and reduce carbon usage, and wider economic growth opportunities such as linking with HS2 and Transforming Cities. It will also generate new income from business rates.


Key Stakeholders are Sheffield City Region, Goldthorpe Town Deal Board, Landowners & Agents, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and RSPB / Natural England.


Stage 1: To acquire land as part of Land Assembly Strategy to deliver new access/roundabout.

Stage 2: Seek external funding to acquire land to deliver a minimum of 359 jobs by 2028/29

Stage 3: Look to acquire remaining land to rear of site.


Overview of Shaping Places bid and relationship with the Town Board

Speaker: Paul Clifford


Different opportunities are arising which link with the Town Investment Plan, such as the Openreach project.


Another project is the Shaping Places for Healthier Lives Programme is aimed at how we can work with partners to change the way the systems operate, addressing challenges to encourage better physical and mental health.


To improve employment, a project is to be put in place to work with small groups of people with a focus in Goldthorpe and Dearne area, to work around progressing them into employment. The aim is to identify a group of people, understand what challenges there are to get into employment, and working with partners to remove the  barriers and create pathways into employment.


This project has been shortlisted for Stage 2, giving access to £20,000. Stage 3 would give access to up to £200,000. The GTDB is to sponsor, giving support and guide through the process.