Agenda and decisions

Cabinet - Wednesday 17 April 2024 10.00 am

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Venue: Reception Room - Barnsley Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Kate Charlton  Inteirm Service Director Law and Governance


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Declaration of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

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Leader - Call-in of Cabinet decisions

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Minutes of the previous meeting held on 3 April 2024 (Cab.17.4.2024/3) pdf icon PDF 95 KB

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Decisions of Cabinet Spokespersons (Cab.17.4.2024/4)

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Petitions received under Standing Order 44 (Cab.17.4.2024/5)

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Update to Joint Committee Governance Arrangements for the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) (Cab.17.4.2024/6) pdf icon PDF 103 KB

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RESOLVED that the report be further amended and deferred to the next meeting of Cabinet on 29 May 2024.


City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement – Approval to Accept Capital Funding (Cab.17.4.2024/7) pdf icon PDF 193 KB

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RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Authorises the acceptance of the £2,484,600 funding from the CRSTS to develop the named schemes further; and


2.    Authorises the acceptance of £505,000 from SYMCA as part of the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to deliver a Virtual Bus Trigger System; and


3.    Authorises the acceptance of £412,000 from Active Travel England as development costs towards two schemes; and


4.    Authorises the acceptance of £173,500 funding from the Transport and Innovation Fund for a pilot scheme to introduce CCTV in taxis; and


5.    Agrees that the Executive Director of Growth & Sustainability be authorised to undertake all necessary steps to ensure continued delivery of the CRSTS/future pipeline programme and the Active Travel England schemes.


Flooding Recovery Review 2023/24 (Cab.17.4.2024/8) pdf icon PDF 122 KB

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RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Endorse the Section 19 report on the effective discharge of statutory responsibilities with regard to flood risk management; and


2.    Note the flood recovery actions that had been taken to date and were planned for the next period.


Highways Capital Programme 2024/25 (Cab.17.4.2024/9) pdf icon PDF 383 KB

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RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Approve the detailed Highways Capital Programme for 2024/25 as set out in Appendix 1 and agree that this be released into the Council’s full Capital Programme; and


2.    Authorise that the Highways Capital Programme be varied in line with the Council’s governance and approval limits; and


3.    Authorise the Service Director, Environment and Transport, to:

·       Deliver a programme of Highway Maintenance work based upon the current Asset Management Policy and Implementation Strategy, supplemented with engineering judgement in order to meet strategic priorities, ensure the longevity of the highway asset.

·       Deliver a blended programme of Integrated Transport and other highway works based upon the Council’s Transport Strategy and other Council initiatives, in order to deliver a programme of work that meets the Council’s strategic priorities and improves the network.

·       Obtain tenders for any works, goods and services as necessary, and appoint any successful tenderer on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender.

·       Adopt the principle of collaboration and utilise collaborative procurement and engage external service suppliers to undertake work which cannot be undertaken in-house, via Regional Alliances, where available.

·       Appoint other external consultants and contractors as appropriate, within the current procurement rules.


4.    Approve the inclusion of the Classified Roads Investment Programme 2024/25, into the Highways Capital Programme 2024/25; and


5.    Confirm that before commencing any procurement process for the delivery of other Council managed programmes incorporating highway works, the relevant Executive Director must consider the need to consult the Executive Director – Growth and Sustainability (or in the case of Growth and Sustainability Directorate, the Service Director – Environment and Transport) who may be able to provide the works, services, or goods required; and


6.    Authorise the Director of Finance(S151 Officer) to enter in such funding agreements as are required to access additional funding, subject to details being included in subsequent Highways Capital Programme Reports.


ECO4 Statement of Intent (Cab.17.4.2024/10) pdf icon PDF 162 KB

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RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Approves the ECO4/Great British Insulation Scheme Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent as set out at Appendix B; and


2.    Approves the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) included at Appendix C to facilitate reporting to OFGEM; and


3.    Approves the use of the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to determine which organisations ECO4/Great British Insulation Scheme Flexible Eligibility declarations will be issued to.


Minor amendments to the Memorandum of Articles of Association for Berneslai Homes (Cab.17.4.2024/11) pdf icon PDF 93 KB

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RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Approve the minor amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Berneslai Homes Ltd linked to the timescales and process for appointing councillor representation to the Board; and


2.    Authorise representatives of the Director of Core Services to enter all necessary legal documentation in connection with the amendments to the Memorandum.


Schools Condition Capital Programme 2024-25 (Cab.17.4.2024/12) pdf icon PDF 216 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Approve acceptance of the School Condition Allocation (SCA) capital grant; and


2.    Agree that the list of schemes, detailed in Appendix B be approved and financed from the 2024-25 Department for Education (DfE) School Condition Allocation; and


3.    Agree that the Executive Director – Growth and Sustainability, in consultation with the Cabinet Spokesperson, be authorised to vary the programme of works, and to approve additional schemes, to meet emerging priorities; and


4.    Agree that the financial implications arising from the report be included in the capital programme and released in accordance with the Financial Regulations Code of Practice C5.2(a).


Exclusion of Public and Press

It is likely that the public and press will be excluded from this meeting during consideration of the items so marked because of the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined by the specific paragraphs of Part I of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 as amended, subject to the public interest test.

Additional documents:


The Seam – Re-shaped Phase 1 (Cab.17.4.2024/14)


RESOLVED that Cabinet:-


1.    Agree to the concept design of the reshaped scheme for The Seam digital Campus, to deliver a newly refurbished 300 space car park on lower Seam (designed to Car Park Mark Plus standards) electric vehicle charging, improved lighting, CCTV and the creation of a new urban park which will serve Town Centre and Seam visitors, including users of the existing Seam buildings including DMC’s and Barnsley College.


2.    Agrees to the appointment of a design and build contractor utilizing the NEC4 contract for the design and construction of the Seam Phase 1 project. Taking the project from RIBA stage 2 to completion, subject to a break clause that will ensure the scheme is being delivered within the approved budget and usual tolerances; and


3.    Agree the Executive Director of Growth & Sustainability and Service Director Law and Governance be authorised to develop and execute all necessary professional services, agreements and building contracts associated with phase 1 of the development and works to the Alhambra Centre in line with the Future High Street Project Adjustment Request; and


4.    Agree to the appointment of a Project Management Design Team (PMDT) for the development of pre-construction design and construction phase of the project, acting on behalf of the Council; and


5.    Delegate authority to the Executive Director Growth and Sustainability, following consultation with the Seam Project Board to sign off the RIBA 2 feasibility study and all RIBA gateways stages through to completion of the project, so long as the budget is within agreed tolerances; and


6.    Agree to the submission of a planning application for the scheme at RIBA stage 3; and


7.    Agree to the use of Future High Street funding to contribute to repair works to the Alhambra shopping Centre, as part of the wider town Centre regeneration; and


8.    Delegate authority to the Executive Director Growth and Sustainability and Executive Director Core Services for the procurement and appointment of contractors for the Alhambra to deliver the required works and enable expenditure in the line with the Future High Street funding timeline; and


9.    To maintain the vision of the Seam digital campus, commercial led development on the upper Seam car park and for the Seam Project Board, agree to pursue opportunities to achieve this in line with the above recommendations. Any future definitive proposals for development located on the upper tier of the Seam development being subject to further Cabinet approvals.