Agenda and minutes

Central Area Council - Wednesday 22 March 2023 2.00 pm

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Venue: Reception Room - Barnsley Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Peter Mirfin  Council Governance Officer

No. Item


Declaration of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests


There were no declarations of pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests.


Creative Recovery (Cen.22.03.2023/3) pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Hayley Youell from Creative Recovery was welcomed to the meeting.


Members were provided with an overview as to how it all started and an outline of the progress to date and future plans.


Members heard of the wide variety of engagements with residents in the Summer Lane and Gilroyd Areas and the aims of the Team to enable residents and community members to create events and provide activities themselves by providing them the skills to carry on.


Financial support had been received from the Central Area Council’s Wellbeing Fund and an application had been submitted to the Arts Council and a grant of £30,000 had been secured in Autumn 2022. 


Members noted that Creative Recovery had moved to more appropriate premises on Prospect Street on a 5 year agreement, this was a positive move and had made the Team feel more valued, seen and supported.  The move had been instigated by partnership working with the long term work with the Central Area and Bernelsi Homes.


Members were informed of the timescales for the project which had an end date of 31 July 2024, and the future plans for recruiting to various posts in addition to the staff members already in place.


Moving forward members were informed that there was a desire to engage with residents and community members in the Dodworth and Worsbrough areas and that the assistance from local councillors would be welcomed in making that happen.  There were also plans for the People Grower post to work in collaboration with the Stroke Recovery Service to create a Central Area group for and led by stroke survivors.


Members welcomed the work being undertaken by Creative Recovery and gave thanks to Hayley and the Team for the positive impact their work was having in the community.


NOTE that members received the information presented as the meeting was not quorate at this time.


Performance Management Report Q3 (Cen.22.03.2023/4) pdf icon PDF 9 MB


Members of the committee drew their attention to the detailed Q3 performance report.


Members asked whether details could be provided of what work was being undertaken by Twiggs Grounds Maintenance in each ward area.  They were informed that a detailed report could be requested and circulated to members detailing work carried out in each ward area.


NOTED that members received the information as the meeting was not quorate when the item was considered.


Procurement and Financial Update (Cen.22.03.2023/5) pdf icon PDF 133 KB

Additional documents:


The meeting became quorate during the consideration of this item. 


The Area Council Manager introduced the item and provided an overview of current delivery against priorities and the current financial position.


Members were provided with an update to the ‘Supporting Vulnerable People’ priority new grants fund and that tranche 1 had been scored and would be provided by DIAL to cover welfare advice and that procurement would be requested to progress the commission.


Members were informed that alongside the £10,000 annual ward alliance base budget per ward, an additional £2,000 per ward had been secured to increase the resources for grass roots community engagement.  In addition, £3,000 had been identified as a budget underspend across a variety of funds resulting in an annual budget of £15,000 per Ward Alliance for the 2023/24 financial year.  As a result of this there would not be a requirement to devolve any of the commissioning budget to Ward Alliances at this time.


Members requested an update to the situation around hanging baskets and what the protocol would be to erect them.  They were informed that a big piece of work had been undertaken by the Community Development Officers in collaboration with Street Lighting to investigate the numbers of lampposts in the wards and their suitability for brackets being fixed to hold a hanging basket.  The outcome of which was due to be reported back to Area Managers in the near future in order for orders to be placed. 


Members were informed that following a query around the purchasing if individual Christmas trees which had a significant cost implication for each one purchased, it was reported back that a uniform quote for the purchase of trees per ward would be circulated before Summer.




(i)         that the overview of Central Area Council’s current priorities, and overview of all current contracts, contract extensions, Service Level Agreements and Well-being Fund Projects, with associated timescales be noted;


(ii)        that the actual financial position to date for 2022-23 and the projected expenditure, including future proposals, to 2023-2024 as outlined in Appendices 1 and 2 of the report, be noted;


(iii)       that the update of the Supporting Vulnerable People Fund be noted;


(iv)       that the update of the procurement of the contact to build emotional resilience and wellbeing for children aged 8-14 years (Years 4-8) be noted;


(v)        that the additional finding of £5,000 received from outside sources into Ward Alliance budgets be noted;


(vi)       that recommended Option 1: that there is no requirement to devolve additional funds from the main commissioning budget to the Ward Alliance Funds, be approved;


 (vii)     that the Clean and Green Workshop to be held on 16th March to provide policy and procedural environmental updates, to reflect on progress regarding this priority to date and focus on forward planning for 2023-24 be noted.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting of Central Area Council held on 1st February, 2023 (Cen.22.03.2023/2) pdf icon PDF 114 KB


The meeting received the minutes from the previous meeting of Central Area Council held on 1 February 2023.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Central Area Council held on 1 February 2023 be approved as a true and correct record.


Notes of the Ward Alliances (Cen.22.03.2023/6) pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Central – held on 25 January 2023

Dodworth – held on 17 January 2023

Kingstone – held on 11 January and 22 February 2023

Stairfoot – held on 9 January and 20 February 2023

Worsbrough – held on 19 January 2023


Additional documents:


The meeting received the notes of the meeting of the following Ward Alliances:-


Central – held on 25 January 2023

Dodworth – held on 17 January 2023

Kingstone – held on 11 January and 22 February 2023

Stairfoot – held on 9 January and 20 February 2023

Worsbrough – held on 19 January 2023


RESOLVED that the notes of the Ward Alliances be received.



Report on the Use of Ward Alliance Funds (Cen.22.03.2023/7) pdf icon PDF 150 KB


The report on the use of Ward Alliance Funds was received.


RESOLVED that the report on the use of Ward Alliance Funds be noted.



Thanks to Retiring Members


The Chair noted that this would be the last meeting of the Area Council attended by a number of retiring members.  He placed on record his thanks for their dedication, contribution and hard work provided to the Area Council.


The sentiment was echoed by all Members present.


RESOLVED that the Area Council extends to all retiring members their best wishes for the future.