Agenda and minutes

Central Area Council - Wednesday 7 July 2021 2.00 pm

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Venue: Council Chamber, Barnsley Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Peter Mirfin  Council Governance Officer

No. Item


Declaration of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests


Councillor Williams declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute number 4 in relation to his membership of the YMCA.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting of Central Area Council held on 26th April, 2021 (Cen.07.07.2021/2) pdf icon PDF 149 KB


The meeting received the minutes from the previous meeting of Central Area Council held on 26th April, 2021.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Central Area Council held on 26th April, 2021 be approved as a true and correct record.


Social Isolation Challenge Fund (Cen.07.07.2021/3) pdf icon PDF 482 KB

Age UK (15 minutes)

MIND (15 minutes)

Reds In The Community (15 minutes)

Additional documents:


Jane Holliday, Chief Executive Officer, Age UK Barnsley, was welcomed to the meeting to talk about the My Community, My Life service. Members were reminded about the organisation being a local charity working in partnership with Age UK, with all money raised in the area being spent locally.


The organisation had worked in the Central Area since March 2020, supporting the social inclusion of older people throughout the pandemic.  Members noted that efforts had moved now towards a recovery phase, supporting the prevention of falls, raising mobility and improving mental health, all of which had suffered during the pandemic.


Members noted the links with Age Friendly Barnsley and the Barnsley Third Sector Dementia Alliance and the associated benefits.


Members heard how the service would provide 1:1 support guided through conversations and planning with individuals. It would support good neighbour volunteers, matching them with people locally who required support.


There were plans to promote a community car scheme, which was not intended to be large, but would provide support to those who may not be able to access other transport.


An Information and Advice Worker would provide support 1 day a week, and new groups and activities would be promoted as well as support provided to existing groups. 

Those present heard of the intention to hold events and celebrations, supporting public health initiatives such as winter warmth.


Members heard of the £56,625 of benefit gained already in the first quarter following support from the Information and Advice Worker and that 70 individuals had already been provided 1:1 support.


Questions were raised around how the organisation worked in partnership with organisations such as BIADS, and it was noted that Age UK was part of the dementia alliance which created a pathway for users to access a multitude of support services.


In relation to questions about local consultation, conversations had been had with individuals who had already been identified as social isolated in order to shape activities. It was noted that flexibility had been used in order to provide home based activities through the pandemic, but more group activities would follow when allowed.  The focus would also be seasonal with extreme heat being considered in the summer, but the autumn would look at winter preparedness with Tai Chi and balance classes being established to help avoid falls.


Liz Hopkinson, Service and Development Manager, Rotherham and Barnsley MIND spoke to the meeting about the Thriving Communities Project.  The project offered an opportunity to engage those lonely and isolated.  Like to Age UK Barnsley, the local organisation was part of a national network, but all fundraising was spent locally.  Members heard how the demand for the counselling service had growing significantly during the pandemic, and much of the provision had transitioned to being delivered remotely.


The service offered a range of activities provided in person and on the phone/online.  These included weekly check in and chat calls; virtual and physical check in and chat group sessions; CBT in small groups; loneliness workshops and signposting to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Performance Management Report Q4 (Cen.07.07.2021/4) pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Additional documents:


The Area Council Manager spoke to the report previously circulated. Members heard that management meetings had been held with all contract or service level agreement holders.  No areas of concern had been highlighted, and all had met or exceeded their targets.


It was noted that the report provided an overview of performance for the full year 2020/21, and also providing more detail through case studies.  Feedback was encouraged on the format of the report, which aimed to provide a balance between brevity and detail.


Questions were raised in relation to specific activity undertaken by The Youth Association, and it was noted that the information contained within the report related to the previous quarter and earlier where restrictions were in place, and that any specific queries could be answered directly.


RESOLVED:- that the report be noted.


Procurement and Financial Update (Cen.07.07.2021/5) pdf icon PDF 193 KB

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The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager who made Members aware that the funding applied for from Self-Isolation Fund had been received, an amount of £39,424.


Members were reminded of previous discussions around the provision of information and advice services from Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Covid reliance funding had been matched with that from the Ward Alliance Funds in the area to provide a service in each ward of the Central Area. However, this service would end shortly.


It was noted that strategic discussions were taking place around the provision of information and advice, however the outcome was unlikely to result in any immediate changes. Therefore, based on successful performance to date, a recommendation was made to extend the service to the start of the financial year.


Attention was drawn to the two Service Level Agreements with the Community Safety Service to provide support to those in private rented sector housing, and to address issues around fly-tipping.  Members were reminded of the performance of both officers to date and it was recommended that both agreements be extended to the end of the financial year.


A question was raised about fly-tipping on private land, and it was noted that in certain cases the Council could intervene to clear this and recover any costs. This would be assessed on a case to case basis, taking account of the severity of the issues, and the length and cost of the legal process.


Questions were raised around how value for money of was measured, and how to ensure those most likely to benefit from commissioned services had access to the service.  It was suggested that this could be discussed in more detail either at a future meeting or a workshop.


Members received an overview of the current financial situation of the Area Council, noting that finance had been retained, but not used, for the Creative Recovery project, and also for the project to provide support for voluntary youth groups.  From a total anticipated budget of £781,878.27, which included finance carried forward, income from Fixed Penalty Notices, and grants successfully applied for, £554,875.55 had been committed for 2021/22.



(i)           That the overview of Central area Council’s current priorities, all current contracts, contract extensions, Service Level Agreements and Well-being Fund projects, with associated timescales be noted;

(ii)          That the actual financial position to date for 2021-22 and the projected expenditure, including future proposals to 2023-23 in appendices 1 and 2 of the report, be noted;

(iii)        That the additional £39,424 received from the Self-Isolation Fund be noted; and

(iv)        That extensions to the following services be granted:

Citizen’s Advice Bureau – funding for 9 months to March, 2022 at a cost of £30,000;

Private Sector Housing Support for 5 months to 31st March, 2022 at a cost of £13543;

Flytipping Support for 5 months to 31st March, 2022 at a cost of £13,333;

(v)          That arrangement be made for Members to consider the value for money of Central Area Council commissions, projects,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Notes of the Ward Alliances (Cen.07.07.2021/6) pdf icon PDF 400 KB

Central – held on 28th April, 26th May and 23rd June, 2021

Dodworth – held on 20th April, 2021

Kingstone – held on 7th April and 19th May, 2021

Stairfoot – held on 12th April, 17th May and 14th June, 2021

Worsbrough – held on 15th April and 3rd June, 2021


Additional documents:


The meeting received the notes of following meetings:-

Central Ward Alliance held on 28th April, 26th May and 23rd June;

Dodworth Ward Alliance held on 20th April, 2021;

Kingstone Ward Alliance held on 7th April and 19th May, 2021;

Stairfoot Ward Alliance held on 12th April, 17th May and 14th June, 2021;

Worsbrough Ward Alliance held on 15th April and 3rd June, 2021.


RESOLVED that the notes and feedback from the Ward Alliances be received.


Report on the Use of Ward Alliance Funds (Cen.07.07.2021/7) pdf icon PDF 391 KB


The report was received for information.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.