Agenda and minutes

Central Area Council - Monday 1 March 2021 2.00 pm

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Venue: Held Virtually

Contact: Peter Mirfin  Council Governance Officer


No. Item


Declaration of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

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Councillor Williams declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute numbers 16 and 17 in relation to his wife’s position as chair of Barnsley YMCA.


Councillor Carr declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute numbers 16 and 17 in relation to her position on the board of DIAL.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting of Central Area Council held on 11th January, 2021 (Cen.01.03.2021/2) pdf icon PDF 145 KB

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The meeting received the minutes from the previous meeting of Central Area Council held on 11th January, 2021.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Central Area Council held on 11th January, 2021 be approved as a true and correct record.


Performance Management Report (Cen.01.03.2021/3) pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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The Area Council Manager introduced the item and reminded Members of the previous agreement to extend the length of the contract with District Enforcement.  It was noted that this had been actioned and that work had been ongoing with Ward Alliances and Members in order to identify any areas of concern, in order to target operations.


It was noted that the Warren Quarry Lane/Highstone Road and Birk Avenue areas had recently been the focus of patrols. As a result, 20 Fixed Penalty Notices had been issued.


Members discussed the service provided by District Enforcement, which had been amended due to Covid-19, and questions were raised in relation to when normal service would resume.  It was suggested that they be invited to a future meeting to discuss this.


Members heard how the contract with Twiggs Grounds Maintenance had also been extended and that external funding had also been identified in order to launch a Tool Bank in the area.  Sanitised tools can be delivered to volunteers and training given in a Covid safe way in order for volunteers to undertake clean and green tasks in their area.  The service had been very successfully received.


Questions were raised regarding the removal of litter collected by volunteers, and it was suggested that Twiggs would be able to assist, with contacts to be provided to Members.


With regards to the service provided by Family Lives, contract meetings had been held and discussions taken place around how to best support the service in order to improve performance.  As a result, the eligibility criteria had been relaxed to include those with children up to age three, fathers, and kinship carers.


Members noted that Creative Recovery were unable to complete the delivery of their project and therefore it had been put on hold, however plans were being made to resume once restrictions had been lifted.


Attention was drawn to the performance of the Healthy Holidays initiative, which the Area Team and Ward Alliance had been delivering over the past three years.   Members noted the recent changes due to restrictions, which included a focus on those suffering financial hardship due to Covid 19, and a focus on providing children and young people with two healthy meals a day.


It was noted that the initiative had grown from supporting 79 families during the summer holidays to supporting 176 over the Christmas holidays.


Praise was given for all the officers and volunteers involved in the initiative.  Members discussed the similar provision being provided centrally, noting that this focused on those eligible for free school meals, and that local provision could complement this, supporting those in financial difficulty but not eligible for free school meals.  It was suggested that officers be invited to a briefing with Members or a future meeting to discuss their strategy.



(i)           That the report be noted;

(ii)          That District Enforcement be invited to a future meeting to discuss the service in light of changing Covid-19 restrictions;

(iii)            That officers in Public Health be invited  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Procurement and Financial Update (Cen.01.03.2021/4) pdf icon PDF 244 KB

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An update was provided in relation to the challenge fund to address loneliness and isolation.  The panel had recently met and considered applications. Recommendations had been made and successful candidates would be notified in due course.


Those involved in the process commented on its thoroughness and the quality of applications received.  It was hoped that successful applicants could commence delivery from 1st April, 2021.


Noted was the overview of contracts and associated timescales as provided within the report, and it was suggested that future reports would highlight which corporate priority each service contributed towards.


Members were reminded of the services provided by YMCA Barnsley and The Youth Association that had previously been funded through the Youth Work Fund.  It was acknowledged that both had been extremely successful in their delivery within the Central Area, and had also provided assistance to colleagues in Public Health and Enforcement.  Options for both projects were considered, and it was suggested that both be continued for a further 12 months.


Consideration was given to the service provided by DIAL, and Members were reminded of the positive performance reported.  It was acknowledged that supporting vulnerable people remained a priority, and when considering options for the future of the project it was suggested that the delivery be extended for a further period of 12 months.  It was suggested that the project could work closely with the Healthy Holidays project, each providing referrals to the other.


Previously funded through the Central Wellbeing Fund, Members considered the service provided by Hope House Connects.  Although impacted by the pandemic, support continued to be provided in innovative ways.  The Area Council Manager was assisting the group to apply for external funds, however, noting that supporting vulnerable and isolated people remained a priority, it was suggested that the service be extended for a further 12-month period.  It was noted that if the group was successful in securing external funds, not all the funds allocated would need to be utilised.


Members were reminded of the previous discussion in relation to Creative Recovery.  It was noted that the project had to be paused due to the impact of the pandemic and around £7,000 allocated to the group remained unspent.  It was suggested that the group utilises this to deliver the remainder of the project when restrictions allow, but that £15,000 earmarked for the extension of the project be retained at this time.


In relation to the finance allocated from the Youth Work Fund to support organisations and provide training for groups wishing to work with young people, it was noted that the proposal remained under consideration, but that recent feedback suggested that there was still a demand.  However, it was noted that further consideration and analysis was required, and it was suggested that this be undertaken before consideration by Members at a future meeting of the Area Council.



(i)           That the overview of Central Area Council’s priorities current contracts, contract extensions, Service Level Agreements and Wellbeing Fund Projects, and their associated timescales,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17.


Notes of the Ward Alliances (Cen.01.03.2021/5) pdf icon PDF 391 KB

Central – held on 16th December, 2020 and 27th January, 2021

Dodworth – held on 15th December, 2020 and 26th January, 2021

Kingstone – held on 2nd December, 2020

Stairfoot – held on 8th February, 2021

Additional documents:


The meeting received the notes of the following Ward Alliance meetings:-

Central, held on 16th November, 2020 and 27th January, 2021;

Dodworth, held on 15th December, 2020 and 26th January, 2021;

Kingstone, held on 2nd December, 2020; and

Stairfoot, held on 8th February, 2021.


RESOLVED that the notes and feedback from the Ward Alliances be received.


Report on the Use of Ward Alliance Funds (Cen.01.03.2021/6) pdf icon PDF 415 KB

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The report on the use of Ward Alliance Fund was received for information.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


Covid-19 Update - Lucy Butcher (Cen.01.03.2021/7) pdf icon PDF 400 KB

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Lucy Butcher, Public Health Practitioner, was welcomed to the meeting to provide an update in relation to Covid-19.  Members heard that case rates did fluctuating but were declining steadily overall.  Figures had been reviewed at Ward level and there were no concerns about any variations between Wards.


The age distribution of cases had changed somewhat, with an increasing proportion of young people testing positive in some areas of the borough.


Members heard of the efforts of Neighbourhood Engagement Officers (NEOs), who had worked with trading standards to ensure face coverings were worn by staff in shops, and that sanitiser was available.   It was noted that the NEOs also worked closely with Covid Marshals and that support will be provided to licensed premises and pubs in relation to their safe reopening.


Also noted was the support being provided to community venues to ensure their safe reopening, in conjunction with colleagues in Public Health and Communities.   Work had also been undertaken with youth services to plan for the return of the ‘rule of six’ outdoors.


Members noted the community insights work which had identified some gaps in the knowledge of the community for example in relation to when residents should isolate and when they should get tested.  This insight would inform future communications campaigns.


With 2,500 additional residents now on the list of Clinically Extremely Vulnerable all were being contacted by the Covid Support Service to ensure appropriate support was in place.


Members noted the current provision for symptomatic and asymptomatic testing, and that asymptomatic testing of secondary pupils was due to commence on 8th March, 2021.


In relation to vaccination, Members were made aware that up to date information was available on the Clinical Commissioning Group Website, and that all residents aged over 70 should have been offered their vaccination, with over 70,000 residents now vaccinated in Barnsley.  Those aged 65-69 were now being offered the vaccine together with those aged 16+ who are clinically extremely vulnerable.


Questions were asked in relation to the numbers of patients with Covid-19 admitted to hospital, and also in relation to the wait between first and second vaccines.  It was agreed that responses would be provided to Members following the meeting.


The issue of GPs providing telephone only appointments was discussed, and it was noted that many GPs would consult initially over the telephone but would see patients in person should this be required.


In relation to schools reopening, Members discussed the issue around the lack of social distancing between parents outside school.  It was noted that schools were responsible for their own perimeter, but that NEOs and Covid Marshals could provide support in areas identified as having issues.



(i)           That thanks be given for the report, responses to questions, and to all those involved in responding to the pandemic;

(ii)              That responses to questions in relation to numbers of patients in hospital and waiting times between first and second vaccinations be supplied directly to Members.


Day and time of future meetings of Central Area Council (Cen.01.03.2021/8)

Additional documents:


It was noted that the Council diary had been drafted for the municipal year 2021/22, which included Central Area Council meeting on Monday at 2.00pm.


As a result of the Central Area Manager role being job shared, and the handover day being Wednesday, it was suggested that the meetings be moved to Wednesday at 2.00pm.  A number of suggested dates had been identified in the Council diary in order to avoid clashes with other established meetings.  However, it was recognised that Members have other commitments, and it was agreed to circulate the proposed dates to all Members of Central Area Council for them to highlight any issues with the proposed changes.


RESOLVED:- that all Members be consulted on the potential change of dates and that a decision be taken on future days and times at the next meeting of the Area Council.