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Budget meeting, Full Council - Thursday 24 February 2022 10.00 am app available
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Venue: Council Chamber, Barnsley Town Hall

Contact: William Ward  Council Governance Officer


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Crisis in the Ukraine

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Declarations of Interests

To receive any declarations of interest of a pecuniary or non-pecuniary nature from Members in respect of the items on this agenda.

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Suspension of Standing Orders

To consider suspending Standing Order No 13(5) in respect of the consideration of the Budget insofar as it relates to restrictions on Members speaking more than once.

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Medium Term Financial Strategy 2022-25 (Cab.9.2.2022/6) pdf icon PDF 2 MB



1.      2022/23 Revenue Budget, Capital Programme and Council Tax




a)        that the report of the Service Director Finance (S151 Officer), under Section 25 of the Local Government Act 2003 at Section 1 be noted, that the 2022/23 budget proposals be agreed and that the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team (SMT), in consultation with Cabinet Spokespersons, submit, for early consideration, detailed plans that ensure the Council’s ongoing financial sustainability in 23/24 and beyond.


b)        that the revised Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) and Budget Forecast for 22/23 to 24/25 contained at Section 3 (supported by the suite of background papers in Sections 3a – 3d) be noted and that these are monitored as part of the arrangements for the delivery of the MTFS.


c)         that £3.8M of additional one-off funding received in the 2021 Local Government Finance Settlement be set aside pending further assessment of the emerging financial risks identified in the MTFS at Section 3.


d)        That provision of £10.7m to cover anticipated demographic and other cost pressures in Children’s Social Care, Adult Social Care, Homes to School Transport and Waste Services be approved for inclusion in the budget as identified at Section 3.


e)        That additional service investment of £7.4m including Neighbourhood Services (grass cutting and clean up teams), Car Parking and the Glassworks be approved for inclusion in the budget as identified at Section 3.


f)         that the proposed efficiency savings in 22/23 highlighted in Section 3 and detailed at Section 5a be approved for implementation and that the 23/24 efficiency savings also contained in Section 5a be noted with final approval to take place as part of the 23/24 budget setting process.


g)        that the Council’s reserves strategy and updated reserves position at Section 3b be noted.


h)        that the proposed changes to the 22/23 fees and charges policy and accompanying schedule of charges set out at Section 3d be approved.


i)             to submit to Council for approval the cash limited budgets for each Service with overall net expenditure for 22/23 of £211.4M as highlighted in Section 6a.


j)          to consider the budgets for all services and approve, for submission into Council, the 22/23 – 24/25 budget proposals presented at Sections 6a – 6c, subject to Cabinet receiving detailed implementation reports where appropriate.


k)         to consider and approve the changes to the schools funding formula including the transfer of funding from the schools block to the high needs block and approve the proposed 22/23 schools block budget as set out at Section 6d.


l)          that the capital investment schemes totalling £56.2M (Section 7 Appendix 1), be included within the capital programme and released subject to receiving further detailed business cases where appropriate.


m)       to note the capital investment proposals of £310.8M (Section 7 Appendix 2) which are currently the subject of live external funding bids / specific Government announcements and thereafter to receive regular updates on their progress.


n)        that further detailed feasibility work / business case  ...  view the full agenda text for item 205.

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Assessment of Bus Franchising Option for South Yorkshire (Cab.23.2.2022/6) pdf icon PDF 437 KB

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL: Recommendations to be supplied.

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