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Venue: Council Chamber, Barnsley Town Hall

Contact: William Ward  Council Governance Officer


No. Item


Declarations of Interests

To receive any declarations of interest of a pecuniary or non-pecuniary nature from Members in respect of the items on this agenda.

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Suspension of Standing Orders

To consider suspending Standing Order No 13(5) in respect of the consideration of the Budget insofar as it relates to restrictions on Members speaking more than once.

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Cabinet Recommendations to Council

Note: In accordance with the requirements of the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2014, a recorded vote will be required to be taken in relation to items 3(A) and (B) below.


To consider the following recommendations of the Cabinet meeting held on the 5th February, 2020.  The Cabinet Spokesperson with the Portfolio for the services in question will respond to any comments or amendments concerning these minutes.


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The Council's Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020/21 - 2022/23 (Cab.5.2.2020/6) pdf icon PDF 5 MB

(A)       2020/21 BUDGET PROPOSALS




(i)        that the report of the Service Director Finance (S151 Officer), under Section 25 of the Local Government Act 2003 at Section 1 be noted, that the 2020/21 budget proposals be agreed and that the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team (SMT), in consultation with Cabinet Spokespersons, submit, for early consideration, detailed plans that ensure the Council’s ongoing financial sustainability for 2021/22 andbeyond;


(ii)       that the revised Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) and Forecast for 2020/21 to 2022/23 contained at Section 2a (supported by the suite of background papers in Sections 2b – 2g) be noted and monitored as part of the arrangements for the delivery of theMTFS;


(iii)      that the proposed efficiency savings in 2020/21 at Section 4a be approved for implementation and that the 2021/22 efficiency savings proposals at Section 4b be noted subject to further consideration in future budget processes taking account of any further Equality ImpactAssessments;


(iv)      that the cash limited budgets for each service with overall net expenditure for 2020/21 of£172.577M be approved;


(v)       that total additional one-off investments (capital and revenue) of £19.4M, including 2019/20 investments, as outlined at Section 5 be approved subject to further detailed reports on the proposals for itsuse;


(vi)      that provision be made to reflect a market supplement in the Council’s care contracts to help address the pay and condition issues in the local caremarket;


(vii)     that the 2020/21 – 2022/23 budget proposals presented at Sections 6a – 6c be approved subject to Cabinet receiving detailed implementation reports whereappropriate;


(viii)    that the changes to the schools funding formula including the transfer of funding from the schools block to the high needs block and the proposed 2020/21 schools block budget as set out at Section 6d be approved;


(ix)      that the new General Fund capital investment of £10.4M (Section7 Appendix A) and specifically funded schemes of £13.5M (Section 7 Table 7) be included within the capital programme and released subject to further detailed reports on the proposals for theiruse;


(x)       that the Aggregated Equality Impact Assessment (Section 9) of the proposals be noted and the proposed mitigation actions in the report beapproved;


(xi)      that the Chief Executive and SMT, in consultation with Cabinet Spokespersons, be required to submit reports into Cabinet, as a matter of urgency, in relation to the detailed General Fund Revenue Budget for 2020/21 on any further action required to achieve an appropriately balanced budget in addition to those proposals set outabove;


(xii)     that the Chief Executive and SMT be responsible for managing their respective budgets including ensuring the implementation of savingsproposals;


(xiii)    that the Authority's SMT be charged with ensuring that the budget remains in balance and report regularly into Cabinet on budget/savings monitoring  including any action required;


(xiv)    that Cabinet and the Section 151 Officer be authorised to make any necessary technical adjustments to form the 2020/21budget; and  ...  view the full agenda text for item 3.

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Notice of Motion - The Council's Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020/21 - 2022/23

Notice of Motion submitted in accordance with Standing Order No 8


Proposer – Councillor Kitching


Seconder – Councillor Fielding


The Liberal Democrat Group recognises the hard work of the Finance Team in again bringing forward a balanced budget.  We recognise that this is a financially well managed Council and that prudent decisions have allowed the Council to remain in good financial shape despite ongoing challenges in funding right across local government.


Our amendments therefore do not seek to undermine the budget, but to bring focus to some key priority areas which we – and the communities we serve – believe require more investment going forward.


We seek to set up a parks and green spaces investment fund to improve our public parks, playgrounds and open green spaces; a community safety fund for each Area Council; and to properly fund efforts to tackle the climate emergency.


1             Area Council Community Safety Fund


(i)            Emerging investment priority R35 allocates an extra £10,000 to each Ward Alliance totalling £210,000.

(ii)          While we welcome this extra funding for communities, we would like to reallocate this spending specifically for local road safety initiatives which would be welcomed by residents across the borough

(iii)         We would invest the £210,000 into Area Council Safety funds as devolved Area Council Budget.  This would be ring-fenced for use by ward members in conjunction with Area Council Officers on local road safety priority initiatives


2             Parks and Green Spaces Investment Scheme


(i)            The Penny Pie Park scheme remains highly unpopular, ineffective, costly and unnecessary

(ii)          We would therefore cease all spending on the Penny Pie Park scheme immediately, saving approximately £1.6m from the capital budget

(iii)         This money will be used to create a Parks and Green Spaces Investment Scheme, improving play equipment and park spaces across the borough, with a goal of achieving more Green Flag Parks


3             Tackling climate change


(i)            The Liberal Democrat Group believes that investment of £780,000 on positive environmental impact/Zero Carbon objectives is insufficient

(ii)          We would cease Council spending on Trade Union Convenors, saving £237,000 of revenue budget

(iii)         This money will be spent on tackling the climate emergency, specifically on a more ambitious plan to increase tree cover across the borough

(iv)         Emerging investment priority R17 TREE 2020 allocates £345,000 of revenue budget to the Council’s tree planting programme for the coming year.  This proposal would add the £237,000 to this, giving £582,000

(v)          This increased investment would be underpinned by the development of a robust, ambitious, borough-wide tree planting strategy


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Proposed options to replace the existing Council Tax Support Scheme for Working Age Claimants (Cab.5.2.2020/7) pdf icon PDF 358 KB

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL: that the proposed new Local Council Tax Support Scheme, attached at Appendix 1 to the report, be approved.

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