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Venue: Council Chamber, Barnsley Town Hall

Contact: William Ward  Council Governance Officer

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Declarations of Interests

To receive any declarations of interest of a pecuniary or non-pecuniary nature from Members in respect of the items on this agenda (other than those already recorded within the minutes contained in the Minute Book).


Minutes pdf icon PDF 245 KB

To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on the 25th July, 2019.



To consider any communications to be submitted by the Mayor or the Chief Executive.


Management of Business at Council Meetings - Proposed Amendments to Standing Orders pdf icon PDF 61 KB

The Chief Executive will submit a report proposing amendments to the Council’s Standing Orders in relation to the management of business at Council Meetings.

Recommendations to Council

All reports detailed below are subject to Cabinet recommendation and are available to download from the Council’s website.  The Cabinet Spokesperson for the Service in question will respond to any comments or amendments concerning these minutes.



Developing a Zero Carbon Strategy for the Council and the Borough and Declaration of Climate Emergency (Cab.18.9.2019/9) pdf icon PDF 130 KB



(i)        the Council declare a Climate Emergency to support the transition to a zero carbon Council and Borough;


(ii)       that the Council endorses the existing commitment set out in the Energy Strategy 2015-2025 to be zero carbon by 2040 with the aim of achieving this by 2035 or earlier if practicable;


(iii)      that approval be given to the carbon reduction targets set for the Council’s own activities, Zero40 (as detailed in Section 5.4) and for the wider Borough, Zero45 (as described in Section 6.2) be adopted as Key Corporate Indicators.  That these targets be reviewed on an annual basis following development of Strategic Energy Action Plans with the aim of achieving zero carbon at an earlier date if practicable;


(iv)      that a programme be developed of funded five year Strategic Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) as set out in Section 5.4 of the report;


(v)       that a Place Leadership role be adopted in delivering zero carbon through the Zero40 and Zero45 approach as set out in Sections 5 and 6 of the report; and


(vi)      that a Zero 40 Zero 45 Feasibility and Enabling Fund be established to facilitate project development.


Advertising and Sponsorship Policy (Cab.18.9.2019/6) pdf icon PDF 81 KB

RECOMMENDED TO COUNCIL that the updated Advertising and Sponsorship Policy be approved.

Additional documents:


Appointments to Regulatory Boards and Outside Bodies

To consider the following appointments to Regulatory Boards and Outside Bodies listed:


General Licensing Regulatory Board


Proposed – 2 Vacancies (Labour)


Statutory Licensing Regulatory Board


Proposed – 1 Vacancy (Labour)


Planning Regulatory Board


Proposed – 1 Vacancy (Lib Dem)


Barnsley Magistrates Court Liquor Licensing Forum


Proposed – 1 Vacancy (Scrutiny Committee Member)


South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel


Proposed – 1 Substitute Vacancy


Migration Yorkshire


Proposed – Leader (Chair) and Councillor Platts (Observer)


Barnsley Business Innovation Centre


Proposed – Councillor Howard (Substitute)


 South Yorkshire PCP - Violence Reduction Unit Reference Group


Proposed – Cabinet Spokesperson Adults and Communities

Minutes of the Regulatory Boards


Planning Regulatory Board - 23rd July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 67 KB


Planning Regulatory Board - 3rd September, 2019 pdf icon PDF 63 KB


General Licensing Regulatory Board - 4th September, 2019 pdf icon PDF 64 KB


Statutory Licensing Regulatory Board - 4th September, 2019 pdf icon PDF 59 KB


Standards Regulatory Board Panel - 29th August, 2019 pdf icon PDF 71 KB


Councillor Greenhough - Statement


General Licensing Panel - Various pdf icon PDF 61 KB


Appeals, Awards and Standards - Various pdf icon PDF 42 KB

Minutes of the Scrutiny Committees


Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Strong and Resilient Work Stream) - 16th July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 73 KB


Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Special Meeting) - 24th July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 71 KB


Overview and Scrutiny Committee - 10th September, 2019

Minutes of the Area Councils


Central Area Council - 1st July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 81 KB


North Area Council - 22nd July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 84 KB


North East Area Council - 25th July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 73 KB


Dearne Area Council - 29th July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 74 KB


Penistone Area Council - 1st August, 2019 pdf icon PDF 81 KB


Dearne Area Council (Special Meeting) - 6th August, 2019 pdf icon PDF 58 KB


South Area Council - 6th September, 2019 pdf icon PDF 84 KB

Minutes of the Cabinet Meetings


Cabinet Meeting - 24th July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 71 KB


Cabinet Meeting - 21st August, 2019 pdf icon PDF 69 KB


Cabinet Meeting - 4th September, 2019 pdf icon PDF 74 KB

(NB. No Cabinet decisions have been called in from these meetings)


Questions relating to Joint Authority, Police and Crime Panel and Combined Authority Business

Minutes of the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, and Police and Crime Panel


Any Member of the Council shall have the opportunity to comment on any matters referred to in the following minutes.


The relevant representatives shall then be given the opportunity to respond to any comments made by Members on those minutes.



Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority Board - 3rd June, 2019 pdf icon PDF 487 KB


Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority Board - 29th July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 250 KB


Police and Crime Panel - 1st July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 72 KB


South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority - 22nd July, 2019 pdf icon PDF 125 KB


Questions by Elected Members

To consider any questions which may have been received from Elected Members and which are asked pursuant to Standing Order No. 11.


1             Councillor Lodge – Roads in Worsbrough


‘As a gateway to the town, it is essential that roads in Worsbrough can withstand the increased demand on them, and still ensure that residents are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in Worsbrough, as residents and business owners across the Ward are seeing damage to their properties as well as vehicles being regularly damaged by lorries attempting to use smaller roads. So, will the Cabinet Member responsible, commit to ensuring that all roads in Worsbrough are fit for purpose and if they aren’t, will they invest to improve the safety of all in the areas affected?


2             Councillor Wilson – Speed Indicator Devices


‘Speeding Traffic on our rural roads and through our villages in Barnsley has long been an issue for all our residents. Could I ask when Highways will have purchased the Speed Indicator devices (SIDs) as these were promised some time ago?’


3             Councillor Fielding – Location of new Secondary School in Barnsley


‘Has a site been offered by Barnsley Council to Trinity Multi-Academy Trust for the location of their new 900 place secondary school in Barnsley and if so, where is that site. If no site has yet been offered, which sites have been shortlisted?’


4             Councillor Lodge – Events outside Barnsley Town Centre


‘With the success of Our Dancing Town, will the Cabinet Member responsible look at ways in which the Council can deliver events like this in areas outside of the Town Centre?’

5             Councillor Hand-Davis – Weed Killer Usage

‘Following on from a previous question regarding Glyphosate spraying would the Cabinet Member agree with me that this weed killer is all we have available to deal with pernicious weeds?  It is not a banned substance and our operatives need the support and policy direction from this Chamber to continue its usage.’


6             Councillor Fielding – Penny Pie Park Gyratory and Job Creation


‘The Sheffield City Region funding for the Penny Pie Park Gyratory requires that construction of the gyratory will result in the creation of 115 new jobs by the end of March 2021 (18 months’ time) and if that target is not achieved, Barnsley Council will have to repay £10,100 for each job by which it fails to meet the 115 job target. 

a)    How many jobs currently exist at Capitol Park?

b)    How many more jobs can be created at Capitol Park if the gyratory is not constructed?

c)    How many more jobs can be created at Capitol Park as a result of the gyratory being constructed?’


7             Councillor Lodge – Missed Bin Collections in Worsbrough Dale


‘Can the Cabinet Member responsible explain the reasons behind the numerous missed bin collections in the Worsbrough Dale area? Residents in Worsbrough ensure their bins are out on time and we should collect them on time.’


8             Councillor Lodge – Establishment  ...  view the full agenda text for item 34.


Notice of Motion - Change from Cabinet to Committee Structure

Notice of Motion submitted in accordance with Standing Order No 6


Proposer – Councillor P Birkinshaw


Seconder – Councillor Gillis


‘That this Council change from the existing Cabinet system to the Committee structure as was previous which is a more democratic system allowing all 63 Members to play a part in decision making.’