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Risk Management Update Report 2017/18



The Executive Director Core Services will submit a report outlining the progress made to date in 2017/18 towards the achievement of the goals set out in the Council’s Risk Management Policy and signposting further work to be undertaken during the year.



The Risk and Governance Manager presented a report of the Executive Director Core Services outlining the progress made to date towards the achievement of the goals set out in the Council’s Risk Management Policy and Signposting further work to be undertaken in the year.


The following matters were highlighted:


·         The Council’s Operational Risk Registers remained broadly aligned to the Future Council operating model with risk profiles for Operational Risks and Project and Partnership Risks and demonstrating slight improvements

·         The Risk and Governance Manager continued to support the development of risk management governance and insurance arrangements for a number of organisations in the area

·         The Risk Management Framework had been reviewed in April 2017

·         The Annual Governance Review process had been delivered during the early part of 2017/18 which resulted in the production of an evidence based Annual Governance Statement which had been approved by the Council in September, 2017

·         The outcomes of the recent ALARM (Local Authority Risk Management benchmarking club)/CIPFA benchmarking exercise suggested that the outputs and overall maturity of the Council’s Risk Management arrangements were broadly in line with similar Councils and peer organisations

·         The Risk Management Service had recently been audited by Internal Audit and the draft report had been submitted the contents of which were still being considered.  It was reported that adequate assurance opinion had been issued on the service


In the ensuing discussion, and in response to detailed questioning, the following matters were highlighted:


·         The number of completed Operational Risk Register Reviews completed on time had reduced through quarter 2 and 3 and the reasons for this were noted which was largely because of a revised focus of the work of the Risk and Governance Manager.  It was noted that risk owners/managers were being asked to manage the risks/plans themselves rather than being over reliant on the Risk and Governance Manager.  In order to mitigate this situation consideration was being given to the Financial Services core offer and appropriate training was to be provided so that Service Managers had the necessary tools they required to process such reviews.  If the situation continued into the summer, a further investigation would be undertaken in order to consider what additional support could be provided.  The issue of concern was the application of the controls not the control itself

·         Reference was made to the Benchmarking Action Plan (attachment one of Appendix 2) and an explanation was provided as to why none of the items listed were not to be developed further.  This was largely because such matters had been addressed elsewhere

·         the Risk and Governance Manager stated that he would circulate a revised operational risk register profile for July 2017 to address the discrepancies identified

·         in response to questioning the Risk and Governance Manager briefly updated the Committee on how assurance continued to be sought from the Key Partners including NPS Barnsley, Barnsley Norse, Barnsley Premier Leisure and Berneslai Homes.  It was also reported that work was progressing with these partners on insurance claims/risks etc.  It was confirmed that work continued with all senior offices within those organisations on all aspects of risk and risk management

·         Arising out of the above and in response to questioning, reference was made to the recent liquidation of Carillion and to the Councils involvement with this company.  It was noted that this company was not a partner, rather a contractor and that the Barnsley Education Partnership was taking appropriate action following the liquidation.  The Council ensured that appropriate governance arrangements were in place with its partners in order to ensure that a similar situation could not occur

·         The Annual governance Action Plan ensured that robust procedures were in place in order to ensure that key partners were identified and that appropriate risk management arrangements were in place




(i)            that the Risk Management Update report and the robustness of the assurances provided be noted; and


(ii)       that the Committee continue to receive periodic reports during the year in order to monitor the progress in achieving the actions identified for 2017/18.

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