Agenda item

Performance report (PAC.07.12.2017/5)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who referred to the report circulated.  The current DIAL project funded through the Working Together Fund was discussed, noting that the contract only ran until the end of December, 2017. Members were supportive of continuing this valuable service for another year through a further application to the Working Together Fund.  A suggestion was made for the service to consider implementing a system whereby some appointments could be booked.


Members noted that a number of other projects funded through the Working Together Fund were also due to come to an end.  These included the Trans Pennine Trail Volunteers, Penistone Round Table, and the South Pennine Community Transport Pilot.  A briefing was to be arranged for Members to discuss the outcome of the latter, which would be considered in light of the SYPTE options assessment.


Those present heard how the latest version of Penistone Matters was now in print and that the Clean and Green service provided by Twiggs Grounds Maintenance was now operational.


Overall performance was very encouraging, and the Area Council Manager noted the significant increases in number of adults engaged, volunteer hours, and residents given advice and support.  Members noted that the information for Penistone Youth Project was still outstanding, and it was agreed to circulate this information once it had been received.


Members discussed the overall impact of the investment, and it was suggested that the high number of ‘green’ ratings reflected the high quality of delivery in the area.


A discussion was had about the impact of the community magazine, and it was suggested that feedback received had generally been positive.


RESOLVED that the report be received.





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